Funded projects in Asia Funded projects in South/Central America


Benin :

Project: School equipment
Funding Awarded: 7,700 €
The NGO ESVUL (Espoir des Vulnérables) received funds for the construction of 2 classrooms, 2 latrines and a water tank for hand washing. The direct beneficiaries are more than 150 pupils and teachers of a primary school. No latrines were available previously. The maintenance will be ensured by a management committee composed of teachers and parents of pupils.

Burkina Faso:

Project: Basins for market gardening
Funding Awarded: 6,650 €
The NGO ACLP, Benin (Action de Lutte Contre La Pauvreté) received funds to construct basins for market gardening and to buy appropriate tools. This project is complemented by a borehole and a tank which are financed by a Spanish NGO (Pozo sin Fronteras). It is realized within the framework of a cooperative society of 30 women.


NGO: Handipropalm
Project: Bakery for handicapped persons
Funding Awarded: 4,930 €
Handipropalm received funding for the creation of a bakery employing people with disabilities. The beneficiaries are organised in groups which helps them for access microcredit and technical and financial supports. The bakery will function with a solar oven. The products (square breads and little sugar breads) meet an important demand in the region.

Project: Drilling a well
Funding awarded: 4,940 €
Repta received funding for the drilling of a well in a primary school. This well will give clean water to drink whereas the pupils are now obliged to fetch water in a pond. A management committee supervised by the association of parents will ensure the maintenance of a manual pump with little fees to be paid by the consumers. This will benefit directly to 690 pupils and the 10 teachers as well as indirectly to the 3000 inhabitants of the village.


Project: Installation of two mills
Funding Awarded: 4,400 €
The NGO MLECI received funds for the installation of two manioc mills. They will help the 500 women of 9 groups to avoid long waiting queues for accessing the existing mills. Moreover, the mills will make it possible to save large amounts of money that were earmarked for milling. Milling for third-party producers will increase the income of the groups.

Project: Fish rearing
Funding Awarded: 3,175 €
The Congolese NGO AVOLAR was granted funding for the creation of a fish rearing project mainly by building 4 ponds. This will benefit 80 women who are in charge of their families. A management committee will be created with the participation of the General Secretary of the NGO and the beneficiaries.

Project: Rice culture
Funding Awarded: 4,200 €
The NGO ATADC (Association des Techniciens en Action pour le Développement Communautaire) received funding for the installation of a huller to develop the culture of rice. 93 rural families among the most vulnerable ones will be direct beneficiaries. The installation of a huller will increase the production and thus the revenues. An elected management committee will supervise all the common activities.

Project: building of an orphanage
Funding Awarded: 5,300 €
OED (Oeuvres pour l’Enfance Défavorisée) received funds for building an orphanage in a slum. This orphanage will be a chance for children living in the street. It will be linked to a neighbouring primary school which will give them access to education This school is run by a promoter who is well-known for running ECA projects with success. As a second step, the orphanage will be equipped and powered by solar panels.


Project: Construction of a borehole
Funding Awarded: 4,950 €
The NGO VAO (Vulnerable Aid Organization) received funding for the construction of a borehole to serve the primary school and the village. This borehole will be operated by a hand pump. There will be approximately 850 inhabitants benefiting from the project, of which 279 attend the primary school. Monitoring and management will also involve a committee from the community. Each household will contribute to the maintenance.


NGO: Megabridge
Project: Goat rearing
Funding Awarded: 6,870 €
The Megabridge Foundation received funds for a project of goat purchase and sustainable breeding. 100 goats will be purchased and distributed to 100 women who are single mothers, without income. Goats will be kept individually to ensure personalized ownership but will be administered in a cooperative manner to create a strong social support for the women. The expected outcomes: reproduction and sales, increased nutrition from meat and milk, improved soil from manure fertilization, sense of empowerment from having an ownership.


Project: Solar streetlamps
Funding Awarded: 4,700€
The French NGO TANAA was given funds for the installation of three solar streetlamps in a village of more than one hundred families. Those lamps will allow to work in vegetables gardens during the evening and night avoiding working during very hot days. A management committee, together with the women of the village, will collect fees for the maintenance of the equipment. The French NGO will also install a solar pump which will fill a water tank.
Solar Solidarity asbl and a private donor have funded this project


NGO: Malem-Auder
Project: Cattle fattening
Funding Awarded: 5,680€
The association Malem-Auder with a Senegalese received funds for the fattening of bull calves and the production of cow milk. Those activities will increase progressively the low revenues of 50 beneficiaries (mainly women) who constitute a group. The contribution will focus on the infrastructure’s construction.


Project: Coffee and banana growing
Funding Awarded: 4,000 €
YWISD (Youth and Women Initiative for Sustainable Development) received funding for a project to train 40 disadvantaged women (single mothers) to grow bananas and coffee. Additionally, the project includes a demonstration garden with nursery beds for the coffee and banana plants for permanent usage beyond the duration of the project. The banana production will improve the provision of food in the area whereas the coffee will be exported bringing income to the region. 200 people are expected to benefit later in the project.

Project: Soya beans production
Funding Awarded: 2,600€
The NGO SRCDO (Snow Rural Development Organisation) received funds for the development of training in the production of soya beans with a view to raising the production and thus doubling the revenues. It will target 100 farmers (70 women and 30 men). After training they will plant soya. Follow up visits by the NGO and consultations are foreseen. It is envisaged to extend it to other farmers.

Project: Community boreholes
Funding Awarded: 6,920 €
KaGPWD (Karambi Group of People with Disabilities) received funds to drill two boreholes in two villages for drinking water and irrigation. Currently it takes 3 km to walk to the drinking water source and irrigation is due in the dry season. The boreholes will benefit over 4.000 beneficiaries which rely on agriculture as a main source of income. It will also allow to double the crop production. The long-term sustainability will be monitored by a Committee of Water Users which will collect fees in each village.

NGO: Hope Children school
Project: Solar panels for a school
Funding Awarded: 3,180 €
Hope Children School received funds to install solar panels to light two classroom blocks and two dormitories to allow students to study when it is dark without kerosene lanterns and candles. The solar panels will also run Pcs and laptops. The lighting would increase security around the school.

Project: Water tanks for a school
Funding Awarded: 2,920€
The NGO YWISD was given funds for two water tanks and 5 purifiers in a primary school. Currently the pupils spend 2 hours a day to fetch water which is contaminated. Because of this they are often sick. Awareness will be raised among the pupils and the school staff about how water filters should be handled so that they last 3 years. The project will benefit 1500 students.


Project: Intercropping of sorghum and cowpea
Funding Awarded: 6,640 €
NODIP (Ntuntu Orphans and Disabled People) received funding for the intercropping of sorghum and cowpea. This project aims to support 53 households to enhance food security and to generate income from sales of the surplus production. Sorghum is used for food, feed and beer and cowpea is an important protein source (food and feed). Both sorghum and cowpea are well adapted to the semi-arid growing conditions in Tanzania.


Project: Classroom and latrines
Funding Awarded: 1,700 €
AsoVi (Association Solidarité pour la Vie) received funds for the construction of a second classroom with equipment to improve children’s learning as well as two separate latrines for girls and boys. Latrines and wash hands points will improve the hygiene and protect from water-based viruses. Committee suggested installing latrines first followed by wash points. The classroom will be funded after.

Benin :

Project: Quails rearing
Funding Awarded: 4,500 €
The NGO ALIVI (Alliance pour la Vie) asked for funding the rearing of quails with a view to improving deprived children nutrition. The eggs will be distributed to the children and the quails will be sold for their meat when they will no longer produce eggs. The wastes of the quails are used as manures to fertilize soils.

Project: Manioc mill
Funding Awarded: 5,000 €
The NGO ASEP (Action Sociale pour l’Eradication de la Pauvreté) from Benin was seeking funds for an income generating activity for 125 disadvantaged women by providing a manioc mill and press. Other related tools will also be distributed for cultivating vegetables. This project is aimed at nearly doubling the revenues of the beneficiaries. Read more 

Femmes d’Europe aisbl has contributed to fund this this project

Burundi :

NGO : Louvain Coopération
Project: Beekeeping
Funding Awarded: 5,000 €
Louvain Coopération applied to eu can aid to fund a small part of a bigger program mainly funded by the EU and concerning the exploitation of agricultural products and the promotion of the craft sector. The request addressed to eu can aid is in relation to beekeeping activities. It includes the support to 5 group of beekeepers who have already received 50 modern hives from the main program budget. eu can aid will contribute to provide beekeepers and transformation units with equipment, working capital and training.


Project: Rearing of guinea pigs
Funding Awarded: 7,900 €
The Congolese NGO PERACOP (Programme Elargi de Renforcement des Actions Contre la Pauvreté) asked for funding the rearing of guinea pigs. The beneficiaries will be 315 vulnerable women and their children. There is a demand for those animals, which are eaten. Their rearing is easy, and they could easily be moved if there were troubles in this region. It is Committee’s opinion that the number of beneficiaries should be better detailed as well as the number of guinea pigs per cage.

Project: Construction of a fountain
Funding Awarded: 3,500 €
The Congolese NGO OED (Oeuvres pour l’Enfance Défavorisée) asked for funding the construction of a fountain for children in a slum with a view to avoid problems in the local school and use of improper water for drinking. A little fee requested from the users will secure the maintenance.  OED has already been helped by eu can aid in the past.

Project: Purchase of equipment
Funding Awarded: 5,000 €
SOVIP has completed since June 2018 the construction of a permanent training center, in order to avoid beneficiaries’ possible losses when running their own IGA and to learn various skills (computer science, tailoring, soap making, bread making and more). Now the centre lacks equipment for trade training and eu can aid is requested to fund the purchase of sewing machines, PCs and a solar panel to power the centre and enable the charging of telephones and lamps (with a little income for the centre).

Solar Solidarity International asbl has contributed to fund this this project

Project: Developing water wells
Funding Awarded: 3,140 €
The Congolese NGO A.P.G.M. (Action Père Giscard Malonda) received funds for developing four water wells in two villages. Potable water is necessary in order to fight waterborne diseases. Management committees, whose members will be elected by the 3,000 beneficiaries, will ensure the sustainability of the wells.

Kenya :

Project: Peanuts processing
Funding Awarded: 5,300 €
Imani Belgium was seeking funds for its local organization to acquire basic machines that are used to process peanuts into butter oil with a view to helping to improve the market value of the product. This will improve the revenue of the farmers who sell it on the local markets. It will benefit to 250 vulnerable women, including teenage mothers who are in self-help groups and their families.

Project: Construction of a farm warehouse
Funding Awarded: 6,870 €
The Kenyan NGO KIDSEG (Kisumu Disabled Self Help Group) asked for funding the construction of a farm warehouse. This construction with storage capacity for eggs and space to place two deep freezers for broilers would contribute to extend the activity to fried chickens and boiled eggs, products whose benefit permit doubling sales prices. This project should therefore improve the income of 60 young women with disabilities. The profits are used to fund HIV prevention and reproductive health while helping the beneficiaries to set up their own agri-business.


Project: School latrines
Funding Awarded: 4,800 €
The NGO Groupe Nature of Mali was seeking funds for building three latrines in a school without latrines and for hands washing device. The wastes will be recycled as fertilizers for the fields. A hygiene club will survey the functioning. This NGO already achieved with success similar projects in different villages.


Project: Mill
Funding Awarded: 3, 960 €
The Senegalese NGO SAPPATE (Solidarité pour l’Auto-Promotion Paysanne) received funds for buying a mill for millet cereal in order allow 65 women to develop income generating activities by transforming agricultural products. A management committee will be created by the beneficiary women. The generated income will partly be used to launch a sparing fund to grant loans to the women


Project: Natural soap making
Funding Awarded: 4, 580 €
The association CADPHEF (Cercle d’Action pour le Développement de Personnes Handicapées, Enfants et Femmes) was seeking funds for developing the making of soap from palm oil collected in existing trees. This would double the production for an enough demand to the benefit of a group of 20 women, some of them with disabilities. It would also give work to a group of 15 young people for the marketing of the by products from the transformation of palm oil.

Solar Solidarity International asbl has contributed to fund this this project


Uganda :

Project: Borehole construction
Funding Awarded: 7,700 €
The Ugandan NGO KaGPWD (Karambi Group of People with Disabilities) asked for funding the construction of 2 boreholes. The village is lacking a sustainable year-round supply of water for drinking and irrigation since rainwater is limited to less than a half year. This would reduce water borne diseases and double the vegetable production for the families (more than 400) of the village. The local community will provide the labor for both construction and maintenance of the boreholes. A water use committee will be established. It is Committee’s opinion that references reliability should be further investigated.

Project: Mushrooms growing
Funding Awarded: 6,300 €
The local NGO KUWA (Karusandara Union of Women Association) asked for funding the growing of mushrooms in order to assist vulnerable women. After training women will be helped with a revolving fund. A collection centre will be built with a view to increasing the collective sale of the mushrooms for which there is a large and growing demand. Mushrooms also improve the diet of the participating women and their families and are easy to grow.

Project: Professional training for deaf children
Funding Awarded: 4,000 €
The NGO AWRDF (Action for Rural Women’s Development Foundation) asked for funding the gap of practical vocational skills training of children with hearing disabilities who consequently drop out of school before completion of the primary level. 100 children will be trained in carpentry, tailoring, knitting and welding for self-employment. There is also the opportunity  to return to school for those who so wish after this professional training. On 2 July meeting, Committee’s opinion about the project eligibility was favorable but seen the lack of funds, the funding had been postponed to the next Committee meeting

Project: Reusable sanitary pads
Funding Awarded: 4,500 €
The Nyakasanga Development Community Foundation (NYAKU) received funding for the production and marketing of reusable sanitary pads and for awareness raising. This project will provide an income generating activity to women but also will help avoid the loss of school learning days for girls and of work hours for women. Four sewing machines will be purchased, the machines will stay in the training room and will be used by the beneficiaries on a rolling basis.

Project: Rainwater tanks
Funding Awarded: 4,400 €
The NGO ERUDEC (Ekisande Rural Development Centre) received funding for rainwater tanks in five rural primary schools. The intended 5,500 beneficiaries are the pupils and the staff. Those tanks will reduce the waterborne diseases (such as cholera) and offer more time for the learning instead of fetching water.

Benin :

Project : Drinking water well
Funding awarded: 6,700 €
The NGO “Le Sel de la Terre” of Benin asked for funding the drilling of a well for drinking water in its orphanage. The water will be sold at a low price to the 1.004 inhabitants of the village who are now obliged to walk 20 km per day in order to find drinking water. It will also permit to fight against hydric sicknesses and to avoid rapes or snake bites. The revenues will be used for the maintenance of the well and to contribute to the feeding of the orphans.

Project: Bio gardening and sheep rearing
Funding awarded: € 3,000
The NGO CRIPADD (Cercle de Recherche pour l’Identification et la Promotion des Alternatives du Développement durable) was seeking funds for financing sheep rearing with use of their droppings for bio gardening. The project will benefit to 65 women coming from 3 self-help groups and their families (about 325 persons), in a very poor area. The sheep will be reared collectively by the groups.

Burundi :

NGO: Louvain Coopération
Project: Funding seeds
Funding awarded: € 8,650
The association Louvain Cooperation asked for funding the delivery of seeds to farmers with a view to addressing the risk of starvation within the framework of a programme financed by the EU. This will help the association to collect the necessary amount of funds in order to benefit from the EU programme. The leverage effect would be important. This project will also incite the beneficiaries to create cooperative associations.


NGO: Paroisse St. Matthieu
Project: Digging a well
Funding awarded: € 1,840
The priest in charge of Parish St Matthew of Kinshasa (Republic Democratic of Congo) was seeking funds for drilling a well in a poor area without access to drinking water. The drilling will be co-financed by a donation of a member of eu can aid and the contribution of the Parish itself. It will provide water to 54.000 beneficiaries who will pay a small fee in order to guarantee the sustainability of the well.

Project: Cassava processing
Funding awarded: € 3,120
The NGO NDDFA (Nouvelle Dynamique de Développement Femmes-Actions) asked for funding a project of transformation of cassava into chips with the aim of enhancing its quality through an improvement of the equipment. This, coupled with a training, would double the income of the farmers. There is an important market for cassava and its products. The maintenance will be guaranteed by membership fees and a monitoring committee.

Project: Coffee processing
Funding awarded: € 6,700
The association GDIBU (Grenier pour le Développement Intégré du Bushi) asked for funding the processing of coffee with a view to increasing its quality and so its commercial value. There is a great market for it. The processing will be managed by an agro-ecological cooperative whose coffee will be certified as biological by the Office National du Café. The project will benefit to 523 cultivators (275 women and 248 men) members of the cooperative and to the youth enrolled in the activities of GDIBU.

Project: Water distribution
Funding awarded: € 3,800
The Congolese NGO OED (Oeuvres pour l’Enfance Défavorisée) was asking the financing of a water distribution system for a school of poor pupils with a view to eradicating water sicknesses. This system will adapt a source and build a pipeline to 2 water tanks to be constructed. The second tank will filter the water brought into the first one with a solar panel. The fountain will be accessible through a small fee with a view to guaranteeing the maintenance of the system. The global project is co-financed by Croix du Sud and its implementation is organised in subsequent phases. The first phase and part of the second one are paid by Croix du Sud.

Project: Cisterns for schools’ latrines
Funding awarded: € 4,100
The association PNS (Promotion Nutritionnelle et Sanitaire) asked for funding of 3 cisterns in order to be used for the latrines which are out of use by lack of water in 3 primary schools which totalize 1653 pupils. The wastes will be in particular recycled as fertilizers for the fields. There will be a sensitization of the pupils on hygiene. The maintenance will be taken in charge by a managing committee. A complementary cistern will be connected to each of the three ones for stocking water.

Guinea Bissau :

Project: Solar panels for an infirmary
Funding awarded: € 2,000
The NGO AIDA (Ayuda, Intercambio y Desarrollo) asked for funding the installation of solar panels with a view to pumping the water of a well for the infirmary of an island and providing electricity to this infirmary. It will improve its hygiene. The beneficiaries will be the 500 inhabitants of the island. A person who has successfully conducted a similar project in the local school will monitor the project. Two colleagues of the Commission have visited the location. The 100% of this project was financed thanks to the generous donation of Solar Solidarity International asbl


Senegal :

Project: Drilling of a bore-hole
Funding awarded: € 7,000
The association ALTERAFRIQUE was seeking funds in order to drill a deep borehole with a view to distributing pure water to vegetable gardens. The direct beneficiaries will be 50 farmer women. It will benefit indirectly to their families (around 550 persons) and to the inhabitants of the village and of the surrounding villages. The production of vegetables will thus raise the income of the families in order to facilitate the payment of school costs of the children.

Project: Tainting of fabrics
Funding awarded: € 2,500
The NGO Arcobaleno was seeking funds for the tainting of fabrics made by 10 women having followed its sewing training course. This artisanal tainting will serve to produce unique garments. By the end of the training every student who will pass the exam will receive money to buy a sewing machine with a view to starting his own activity. This project should be sustainable thanks to the sale of the products.


Uganda :

Project: Water tank
Funding awarded: € 2,590
The NGO FFUWD (Foundation for Ugandan Women Development) was seeking funds for constructing 1 water tank in a school. This would benefit to 250 poor families, including 1260 children, in a village at about 220 km from Kampala. Volunteers will be trained to help in the construction and acquire the skills to build other tanks. This completes the previous funding limited to 1 tank only. To know more, please contact us

Project Drilling of a well
Funding awarded: € 6,000
The Ugandan NGO FEI-IDO (Friends of Environment International Integrated Development Organisation) asked for funding the drilling of a well in a school of a region where harvesting rainwater is not a solution. The pupils and the community around amount to 5.800 people. It will protect them from the diseases linked to the use of the water of the lake and to the mosquitos. Pupils, parents and community members will contribute.

Project: Rainwater cisterns
Funding awarded: € 4,000
The Ugandan NGO WPS (Women protection society) asked for funding two rainwater cisterns in two schools. This will improve women’s situations and the education of the children who will thus be able to concentrate on studying. It will also eliminate illnesses due to the absence of safe water. The beneficiaries will be around 3000 children, the parents, the teachers and the nearby communities. This project has been co-financed by the Association Femmes d’Europe aisbl

Project: Rainwater cisterns
Funding awarded: € 6,000
The Ugandan NGO GWEFODE (Gender Equality and Women Empowerment for Development) asked for funding two rainwater harvesting tanks in a mountain district with two rain seasons. The only source of water is a nearby swamp. This disadvantages children and women who spent time for collecting water in dangerous circumstances, leaving to school absenteeism, gender-based violence and sicknesses. The sustainability of the project will be ensured through community awareness and the establishment of Water Users Committees. It will help about 150 people.

Project: Pigs breeding
Funding awarded: 3,500 €
The NGO Waworedo (Wakiso Women’s Rights Empowerment and Development Organization) was seeking funds for a pig-rearing activity in order to improve women’s income for 348 beneficiaries spread in eight villages. The fattening of piglets will generate income for buying other piglets, which will be reared for reproduction and for selling their meat. Pork meat is in good demand in the region. Two of each group of four piglets produced by pigs will be given for distribution to new beneficiaries with a view to initiating other rearing. The project will be managed by a committee created for this purpose.

Benin :

Project: School banks
Funding awarded: € 1,500
The NGO JAEPP (Jeunesse Action pour l’Evangélisation, la Paix et le Progrès) asked for funding 45 complementary school benches after a previous project which has been achieved with a good report but funded for only half of the amount requested, which is not enough for all the pupils. The benches are constructed in the immediate area. The primary schools of six villages are the beneficiaries

Project: Building a well
Funding awarded: € 5,336
The NGO ASEP (Action Sociale pour l’Eradication de la Pauvreté) was seeking funds in order to build a well in a village without drinking water. The well will benefit to 1.200 persons. ASEP already made three similar projects with eu can aid. The 1% Fund (association of officials of the United Nations) Genève is co-financing the project’s implementation.

Inauguration of a well drilling and a water tower in Benin

Project: Well for gardening
Funding awarded: € 5,000
The Ngo PEH (Protection de l’Environnement et de l’Homme) was seeking funds for adapting a traditional well to gardening which will be developed by 30 women. This project will also benefit to 150 persons of their families. The sale of the vegetables will cover the maintenance of the pump.

Cameroon :

Project: Latrines for a school
Funding awarded: € 3,240
The NGO REPTA (Réseau Education Pour Tous en Afrique) was seeking funds to construct 6 latrines in a public school with a view to reducing hydric diseases and thus absences in the school and to disseminate good practices of hygiene. It will benefit to 554 pupils, 6 teachers and around 200 neighbours. The used water will be recycled in a compost for agriculture. The latrines will be managed by a committee of pupils and teachers.


Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Training of young hairdressers
Funding awarded: € 6,000
The Congolese association CBCA (Communauté Baptiste au Centre de l’Afrique) asked for funding the training of 46 young people in hairdressing and the necessary equipment. 35 of them are ex child soldiers and have difficulties to reintegrate social life. The 46 young have chosen the hairdresser profession as there is a demand for hairdresser services in this area.

Project: Solar plant for maternity rooms of a hospital
Funding awarded: € 4,500
The Congolese NGO SOVIP (Solidarité avec les VIctimes et pour la Paix) was seeking funds in order to install a mini plant with solar panels for 3 obstetrics rooms of a general hospital, which are dedicated to maternity, childbirth and neonatology.
The 50% of this project has been financed thanks to the generous contribution of Solar Solidarity International asbl

Project: Construction of a classroom
Funding awarded: € 5,000
The association OED (Oeuvres pour l’Enfance Défavorisée) was seeking funds for the construction of a classroom in a slum of a very poor town. This association aims at fostering education while the authorities do not pay for the buildings. The association members will bring food to the technicians who will construct the classroom

Project: Fish rearing
Funding awarded: € 3,700
ATDC (Association des Techniciens en action pour le Développement Communautaire) asked for the funding of fish rearing. It will benefit to 127 women who are widows or single mothers or have been abandoned by their husband. The fishes will be sold in the local market.

NGO: Institut de la Charité
Project: Latrines and furniture for a school
Funding awarded: € 3,700
Institut La Charité was seeking funds for constructing latrines and buying furniture (banks and chairs) for a classroom of a school of 510 pupils. The majority of children belong to families who came back after the wars in this region. Banks and chairs are now lacking. The classroom has been constructed by bricks made by the parents and the pupils.


Mali :

Project: Latrines for a school
Funding awarded: € 4,900
The Malian NGO “Groupe Nature” asked for funding three latrines in a school without latrines and for a hand washing device. There will be a training for the 159 pupils and for the 20 teachers. The wastes will be in particular recycled as fertilizers for the fields. An hygiene club will survey the functioning.

Project: Well and cooking for a school
Funding awarded: € 7,000
ADESAF (Association pour le Développement Economique et Social en Afrique) asked for funding the improvement of a school of 150 pupils by constructing a canteen with a kitchen and by boring a well for potable water and another one for gardening of vegetables. The indirect beneficiaries will be the teachers, the parents and the villagers including craftsmen, farmers and local undertakers. The parents will contribute to the canteen and to the cooking.


Namibia :

Project: Kindergarten
Funding awarded: € 2,100
The Namibian NGO “Namibia Education & Training for Children” was seeking funds for buying equipment for a Kindergarten with a view to allow families to go to work and to give the children interest in going to school.


Uganda :

Project: Water wells and rainwater tank
Funding awarded: € 6,400
The Ugandan NGO BUVOCOD (Busoga Volunteers for Community Development) asked for funding the building of some hand dug water wells and of a rain water tank for a school, in a region of water crisis (droughts and poor situation of the water supply). The project aims to target 60,000 people, i.e. women, children, the elderly and the youth because they play a vital role in the provision and maintenance of water and sanitation services in the household and community.

Project: Water wells
Funding awarded: € 4,100
The Ugandan NGO EACO (Empower and Care Organization) was seeking funds for the repair of water wells. The project will give safe and clean water to more than 2.400 people in a rural district. It will benefit in particular to those in charge of fetching the water, i.e. mainly women and children, by shortening the distance to the nearest clean water source and giving children more time to go to school without making long journeys which might moreover be dangerous. Eu can aid financed the reparation of only one water well.

Project: Biomass recycled fuel
Funding awarded: € 3,200
The NGO UGRF (Uganda Gender Rights Foundation) was seeking funds in order to finance the equipment for producing briquettes from biomass with a view to fighting against the deforestation. Every group of 3 women will receive kits therefore and the community of 100 women and young girls will be provided with 4 presses. A training for this activity will be organized.


Senegal :

Project: Water wells and rainwater tank
Funding awarded: € 6,400
The Italian NGO “Arcobaleno, ponte per l’Africa” was seeking funds for the fattening of beefs. 10 beefs will be bought, and then fattened during 3 months with a view to sell them. Their sale will be used for the self-maintenance of a host house for malnourished children and orphans (about 30) and to increase the nutrition of poor boys in a school. Moreover, this activity will create work.

Benin :

Project: building a well
Funding awarded: € 6,000.00
ASEP (Action Sociale pour l’Eradication de la Pauvreté) was seeking funds to build a well with a view to fighting against waterborne sicknesses since water was brought from marshes in a distance of 9 km. This would benefit to 222 persons (children, young people and adults).

Cameron :

Project: Pigs and chicken breeding
Funding awarded: € 5,00.00
Project id: 2014/255
CAD (Community Action for Development) asked for funding training of poor farmers on modern pig and poultry techniques, providing them with piglets and chicks as a start-off capital and helping them to establish small pens for those animals. This is intended to generate additional income for them since there is a huge market for those products.


Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Reconstruction of a school
Funding awarded: € 6,900.00
Project id: 2014/323
ACDTT (Agence Coopérative pour le Développement du Territoire de Tshela) seeks funds for the restoration of a deteriorated school in a poor village. This mainly covers the buildings of schoolrooms (walls, roof) and teaching materials. About 250 pupils will benefit from this project. The applicant has experience in construction projects.


Project: Purchase of cassava mills
Funding awarded: € 3,000.00
ASOFFE (Action de Solidarité des Femmes pour les Femmes et l’Enfant) asked for financing mills for cassava (manioc) and corn. This would benefit to 189 households (i.e. 1,134 persons) and indirectly to the people of 2 large localities in an area where there are not enough mills. Those mills would improve the work of the women.
This project has been funded thanks to the donation of the Association Femmes d’Europe


NGO: Ecole de Pawa
Project: Renovation of a school
Funding awarded: € 6,000.00
The association “Ecole de Pawa – enfants du Congo” was seeking funds for renovation of a school (classrooms) and desks in an isolated bush village. This would benefit to 345 pupils and indirectly to their teachers as well as to workers during the renovation.
This project has been funded in partnership with Schuman trophy




Project: Water harvesting and sanitary facilities
Funding awarded: € 5,000.00
MCESO (Murera Community Empowerment & Support Organization) was seeking funds for supporting 560 children in a primary school situated in a poor area with water harvesting equipment, 50 wooden desks and construction of hygienic sanitary facilities. Access to drinking water and hygienic sanitary facilities will help to reduce diseases and increase school attendance. The funding is limited to the sanitary blocks and to the water access facility.




NGO: Louvain Coopération
Project: Reconstruction of a school
Funding awarded: € 4,855.00
Louvain Coopération asked for financing the reconstruction of a village school destroyed by a cyclone and some running costs as teachers’ salaries and facilities. This project is linked to an integrated programme of Louvain Coopération for a very poor and isolated region. This will benefit to 150 children of neighbouring villages and indirectly to their families. Only the construction’s costs are financed.




Project: Construction of latrines
Funding awarded: € 8,445.00
Project id: 2015/224
ASVLM (Association Sénégalaise des Victimes de Mines) is seeking funds for the construction of dry latrines in a village of about 800 persons and for drilling a well. The dry toilets make possible the utilisation of wastes as fertilisers and the well will increase the hygiene (washing hands).
Latrines also prevent sicknesses, which proceed from wild defecation in the nature, where there is moreover a danger of mines, and protect the dignity of women.



Project: Beekeeping
Funding awarded: € 5,600.00
Project id: 2015/239
WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farma) association is seeking funds for improving the production of honey by 30 farmers without chemical elements and for planting melliferous (honey) trees, in five villages. This would also indirectly benefit to 240 members of their families, in addition to the environmental benefits.



strong>NGO: St. Vianney School
Project: Construction of a school
Funding awarded: € 4,200.00
The Saint Vianney Junior School Parents Association seeks funds for completing 3 classrooms in an overcrowded school. This will permit to host 80 pupils who now have to be in a kitchen room and to give an opportunity to enrol 60 more children from the surrounding communities.


Project: Water tanks for 2 schools
Funding awarded: € 4,400.00
WPS (Women Protection Society) asked for financing a rain cistern for primary schools in two slum villages. This would benefit 2,500 children by protecting them from the diseases, which are caused by the present water, which comes from floods and swamps and thereby reduces the absences at the school. WPS will also train the community and school workers on maintaining the cistern, managing water and other sanitation elements.


Project: Solar panels for a school
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
Project id: 2015/164
The applicant asked for financing the installation of solar panels in four classes for upper primary school, offices and a library with a view to preventing accidents with candles and to improving the reading by the 1,200 pupils, in a rural area without affordable access to electricity.


Project: Water tanks
Funding awarded: € 3,800.00
GWEFODE (Gender Equality and Women Empowerment for Development) was seeking funds for constructing 2 water tanks for marginalized communities in an area where the hilly topography poses challenges for water delivery. This would benefit to 120 people in particular women who have to fetch the water. Only one tank is financed


Project: Water tanks
Funding awarded: € 2,600.00
FFUWD (Foundation for Ugandan Women Development) was seeking funds for constructing 2 water tanks in two schools. This would benefit to 2450 children and 110 women in two villages at about 220 km from Kampala. Volunteers will be trained to help in the construction and acquire the skills to build other tanks. Only one tank is financed.



Project: Fish farming
Funding awarded: € 4,800.00
GBEWA is seeking funds to help a group of women of the rural municipality of Ketou to diversify their economic activities. The activity that seems to be more appropriate for the area – given also the weather – is the fish farming in stocked fishpond. The direct beneficiaries are 20 women, but the entire population of the area should benefit in terms of food security and variety.
The women will remain the sole owner of the fishpond. After the project is completed, the beneficiaries are expected to be able to manage and grow the project through the training and experience they will have received and will see their income generation improved. GBEWA will continue to monitor the project and provide technical advice.

Project: School furniture
Funding awarded: € 1,500.00
The applicant is seeking funds to buy supplementary school furniture for 6 schools in Couffo department in Benin.
According to a government decision, primary and secondary school are free of charge in the Country; consequently new classes demand has increased as well as the need of supplementary furniture.


Burkina Faso:

Project: Construction of a hangar
Funding awarded: € 1,200.00
eu can aid! has already financed IKA KELE in 2012: it was a matter of implementing a unit for processing and marketing corn flour.
Today’s request aims at improving this process by constructing a hangar and two sales points.

Project:  Purchasing a mill
Funding awarded: € 4,500.00

The applicant is seeking funds to create a grain mill to help 68 women in Wemtenga Village in their daily activities.  The time they have to dedicate to pound and mill will be sensibly reduced and ease the food preparation. The saved time will enable them to engage in other income generation activities.



Project: Construction of latrines
Funding awarded: € 3,000.00
The project consists in building 10 ecological latrines in the village of Gatumba (population of 4620 inhabitants). There is one latrine foreseen for each district (there are 9 districts all in all), the 10th latrine is supposed to belong to one of the primary schools which does not dispose of a latrine so far. SOS Femmes asks eu can aid! to contribute with 5500€ to the construction of the latrines.
SOS FED will contribute to a little part of the project with its own funds.
Five latrines are financed by eu can aid!.


Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Equipment for a shoes making workshop
Funding awarded: € 5,000.00
Source de Vie Centre is located in Kisantu Dioceses, 120 km off Kinshasa. In the Centre, young single mothers are trained in tailoring and baking; training courses attendance’s request is increasing and the creation of supplementary rooms is needed. The applicant will construct two new buildings with shower rooms and toilets; electricity, water access and a room for the Centre’s responsible will be provided.
The request addressed to eu can aid! concerns the equipment of a shoes repairing workshop.

Project: Goats farming
Funding awarded: € 5,000.00

Since 2004, refugees started returning to the Democratic Republic of Congo from the refugees´ camps. They start new life in the state of deep poverty. Women, often widows, ill or abandoned, have difficulties to adapt to this situation. The project helps the target group to obtain fields, where food and some revenues can be provided in shared modus. The targeted persons should get also field for themselves. They will be provided with hoes and machetes, seeds and some clothes, as well as consultations.
Rearing of goats will be set to get sufficient volume of manure to fertilize the crops. Beneficiaries will obtain goats under microcredit in kind form.
The total cost is of 8, 000.00€, out of which the applicant will contribute with 2, 400.00€.
It is committee’s opinion that 5, 000.00 € will suffice on eu can aid!’s side to realise the project.

Project: Finishing a school construction
Funding awarded: € 4,800.00
The applicant is seeking funds to build a new classroom to ease education access to about 120 children. The construction is on progress but still 5,000.00€ are needed to finish it: concreting the floor, plastering and coating the external walls’ side and installing a door. Local population is contributing to tools transporting fees.

NGO: Église du Christ
Project: Microcredit
Funding awarded: € 3,890.00
The project concerns 60 poor women who will benefit from microcredits to develop their own business. The applicant will organise, with its own funds, training in business management, marketing, saving strategy, conflict management and rights respect.  Credits will be reimbursed in one-year time. Beneficiaries will set peer-groups to assure a proper microcredit reimbursement organisation and a saving account in case of possible loss or default.
The applicant will also set a fund to assure the project’s continuity.

Project: Solar panel for one hospital
Funding awarded: € 5,000.00
The request concerns the installation of 12 solar panels and 50 electric lamps to provide electricity .
A credit union that will sell rechargeable lamps on interest free credit will be set up; it will offer lamp and telephone charging services (during the day, when the electricity generated is not needed for lighting) for further investment, maintenance costs, and the salaries of two solar panels technicians.
This project have been financed thanks to the Participation of Solar Solidarity, Brussels

Project: Development of water sources
Funding awarded: € 7,500.00
The projects aims at improving water access for 60,000 habitants of Tshumbe by developing eight natural water sources and consequently avoid water borne diseases.
It is Committee’s opinion that to start, only four sources will be financed and the remaining four will be financed once the applicant will provide a first evaluation report, including pictures.
Amount of financial aid requested from the eu can aid!: 7,500 €.
A first instalment of 3,750.00 € can be awarded without delay (first four sources); the second instalment of the same amount will be paid once the applicant will have provided his first report.



NGO: Kattendans
Project: Purchase of a pump and of a water tank
Funding awarded: € 5,700.00
It is a matter of providing water to a vegetable in Nalou School by connecting a pipeline to an already existing drilling. A water tank will be built too. 300 pupils and teachers will benefit from the improved vegetables production as well as the local population.

NGO: Groupe Nature
Project: Water access
Funding awarded: € 5,000.00
The applicant is seeking funds to build a new latrines bloc for Dougabougou School to solve diseases and hygiene problems related to a serious lack of latrines in the building, where more the half of students have no choice and defecate outdoors
A new block of 4 toilets will be built in help to 280 pupils.

Project: Composting
Funding awarded: € 6,000.00
LACIM has been financed by eu can aid! in 2011 for a project aiming at an improved crop production.
Today it is a matter of providing funds to purchase additional tools to assure the project continuity and major impact. The request concerns hitches, basic equipment for 36 farmers and seeds for a total cost of 6,000.00 €, aside the applicant contribution.
Works will start in November 2015 and, according to applicant’s statement, funds can be awarded in two phases.
A first instalment of 3,000.00 € can be awarded without delay; a second instalment of 3,000.00 € will be paid in March 2016.

Project: Construction of a training centre
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
The applicant, a Belgium-based NGO, is seeking funds to help the local organisation BENKAN to build its own training centre.
The centre is today located in a private rented house and the training is very promising and well monitored.
The total budget amounts to 36,170.00€ and several donors will finance it in partnership with eu can aid: GROS Tervuren, Rotselaar, Oud- Heverlee, WMH and Teriya itself.
Read more



Project: Heifers’ purchasing
Funding awarded: € 5,000
The applicant is seeking funds to develop heifers farming in support to a group of 20 women in Makalondi commune.
The project includes training in foddering, compost making, milk production, construction and maintenance of manure pits, tillage tools utilization and animals keeping.
Thanks to this project, beneficiaries will see their cereals production doubled.



Project: construction of a school
Funding awarded: € 4,670.00
The request concerns the construction of four new classes to enlarge the school in Keur Myhaye Gueye village.
In the Country, children’s school attendance is compulsory up to 16 years old; the project corresponds therefore to a real need for the local population.
The global cost is of 11,000.00€ and out of the local and Bénoo contribution, the participation of other donors, eu can aid! is asked for 4,670.00 €.



Project: Construction of two water tanks
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
WPS is proposing to construct rainwater cisterns in two schools in Pallisa region in Uganda. The two schools have 4200 pupils up to 12 years. According to the applicant, the current water supply situation in these villages is very poor causing many problems on health, absenteeism at school, dangers related to long water hauling trips notably for girls
The beneficiaries of the project are all pupils and personnel of these schools. The project proposal is to construct two 25 000 l rainwater cisterns, one construction per school. According to WPS, the annual raining season is up to nine months, the same period as the school year. The capacity of these water tanks should be enough to supply the schools with sufficient water service.

Project: Medical equipment
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
The project concerns the Health Centre located in the rural village of Bukibila.
Due to limited household income, many families budget little for health care. Considering the distance and high consultation costs charged by government health facilities in neighbouring towns, most inhabitants resort to acquiring their medical care from traditional herbalists, take their sick ones to traditional healers, or keep them at home until they either get well or more likely become critically ill when they are taken to local clinics. At this point, their condition is likely terminal.
The primary objective of this project is to improve diseases’ diagnostic equipment and treatment services for the Donna Carnevale Community Health Centre and to assist the current three permanent staff members to acquire basic skills in operating the new equipment.
The applicant is contributing with its own funds to part of the needed amount.

Project : Mushrooms farming
Funding awarded: € 3,000.00
The project’s objective is to improve the income and diet of 100 men, disadvantaged women, disabled person and girls in two villages – Kolonyi and Namabasa, Uganda through a mushroom farming as an effective alternative of income generating activity, due to the lack of water in the area. Climate and market request justify this kind of cultivation.

Project : Pigs rearing
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
To address the malnutrition of 70% of the children at the school, the proposed project seeks to provide relief by offering additional meals to pupils. To that end, FIPHAI intends to set up a school farm for pigs and ducks. The meat and eggs provided by the animals will firstly serve as a direct nutritional supplement for the children and secondly, as an income generating resource which allows the school to sell the surpluses and in turn buy more nutritious food items such as fruit, milk and vegetables which will then be served to the children once a week.
The project will be realised in two phases: a) Fencing of the land and construction of the facility for ducks and pigs; b) Procurement of ducks, pigs and related items.
The applicant will contribute with its own funds to a part of point “b” and will also provide animals nutrition.



Project : Solar power
Funding awarded: € 3,900.00
MAPOTO is asking support for replacing the existing solar system at Ethandweni Children’s Home. All the hot water used at the home is generated by solar power, installed 17 years ago. Today the efficiency of the system has degenerated. The installation will be carried out by the Home itself and provided by a local importer. The project was submitted to January 2014 Committee, whose decision was:
The applicant says that as an institution, they have to supply hot water and fully plumbed water for all the residents. This is law and building regulation.
The request concerns six solar units at the global cost of 3,900.00€. This project have been financed thanks to the Participation of Solar Solidarity, Brussels.


Project: Purchase of furniture for a school
Funding awarded: € 2,600.00
The applicant wants to build a unit of two classrooms for the college CEG in Kokoro. The unit is 20m long and 10m broad. Inside a terrace and a stairs will be built too.
The project is co-financed in partnership with La Guilde du Raid and the applicant itself. A local contribution is foreseen too.

Project: Gardening and creation of a well
Funding awarded: € 5,400.00
PEH is seeking funds to help a group of 20 women to develop a gardening activity. The request concerns the implementation of a well distributing the water and by this watering the cultivations.

Project: Production of akassa balls
Funding awarded: € 5,336.00
Our partner PCEA has already submitted a similar project in 2011. The evaluation report was very positive. It is a matter today of installing a mill in a village a few km far from the first installation. The mill will ease the akassa, soya and corn transformation and consequently allow marketing prices more convenient. Beneficiaries’ income will improve as well their quality of life.
This project has been financed in partnership with Yoga classes SG 2013 – 2014

Project: Production of Afitin
Funding awarded: € 3,800.00
This project is about improving the processing of néné grains in order to increase their sales on the local market. The group of women that already works in afitin production will benefit from better life quality. The application submitted to eu can aid! is about the construction of a shed for production.

Project: Rabbit rearing
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
The project is about setting up a rabbit rearing venture that would support a group of 30 underprivileged women and 132 children. The objective is to provide them with the structure and the equipment necessary to starting the rabbit farm and thereby to improve their livelihood. The local community will benefit indirectly from the new rabbit market, be it in terms of commercial opportunities or in terms of better nutrition. Following a proposal made by the Committee, the project will start with a limited number of direct beneficiaries and rabbits provided.

Burkina Faso:

Project: Construction of a warehouse
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
The project aims to improve the vegetables production as well as onions’ storage, conservation and marketing. The 60 beneficiaries will be involved in the warehouse’s construction and will be trained in storing and conserving their production. The applicant is contributing to the project’s implementation with its own funds.

Project: Sheep fattening
Funding awarded: € 4,800.00
The project will provide 34 women and 6 young apprentices with training in sheep fattening. Young sheep will be bought when less than 12 months, fattened over a 6 month period and sold when they are overweight for the double price. The project will contribute to better nutrition (meat quality) and generate revenues for the participants.

Project: Sheep breeding
Funding awarded: € 2,400.00
ATY is seeking funds to support 36 farmers in implementing a sheep breeding ensuring a constant reproduction and marketing. Training in breeding and simplified accounting will be provided.

Project: Creation of a centre of multi-activities
Funding awarded: € 1,500.00
APA is seeking funds to create a centre where a library will be installed and evening encouraging meeting / classes as well as recreational activities will be organised in help to the local population. The project is mainly financed by La Guilde du raid (our partner in some projects). 1,500.00€ are needed to finish the implementation (solar panel).

Project: Construction of a library
Funding awarded: € 3,074.00
LAAFI had already received support by eu can aid! for the construction and the furnishing of a third class room in a school. The school also had a library which was destroyed during a storm. The developer would like to use some of the financing received for rebuilding the library, which would mean that no furniture is purchased for the class room. The amount necessary for rebuilding the library is EUR 3,047.00. The Committee decided that the money already paid out needed to be spent for the initial purpose, while the library could be financed in partnership with the Schuman Trophy (EUR 1,639.00).


Project: Creation of a coop
Funding awarded: € 5,000.00
The project aims at improving 50 beneficiaries’ income generation. Each beneficiary will receive 100 chicks to develop a chicken meat market. 10 kg of seed, a coop and a chicken maintenance kit will be provided as well. Each beneficiary owns an earth parcel where corn cultivation will be implemented in order to assure the coop continuity. Training in chicken breeding is assured too.

Project: Water supply
Funding awarded: € 2,100.00
The project aims at constructing a water tank to provide clear water to villagers and avoid water-borne diseases. Part of the costs will be assumed by the local community and eu can aid!‘s provides drinking water components for an amount of 4,100.00€ payable in two parts: a one off payment of 2,100.00 € for the water tank construction; the remaining amount of 2,000.00 € will be paid after GP verification of the water tank implementation. This project has been financed in partnership with DG MARE AST Network

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Vegetable production
Funding awarded: € 5,975.00
80 widows and 40 young orphans will be supported through a vegetable production and guinea pig rearing venture that will improve their nutrition and generate revenues. The seeds and the animals will be provided through micro-credits in kind. A share of the revenues will be returned to the developer in cash so as to create a fund for granting further micro-credits.

Project: Purchase of a mill
Funding awarded: € 5,335.00
AVEVENA wants to install a mill in Mwanga Village and to construct storage in Kitja, where a mill was installed some months ago with the funds awarded by eu can aid!.

Project: Beekeeping
Funding awarded: € 3,150.00
The project aims to promote beekeeping among women in rural villages in three villages in Boko region in order to fight poverty and food insecurity. 30 beehives and 3 day training will be provided. The applicant can ensure the maintenance of the beehives and will monitor the women in honey harvesting and selling.
A traditional engine will be bought and adapted in Belgium and sent to Kilwit where it will be installed. eu can aid!’s contribution amounts to € 5,000 (total cost is of € 10,500).

Project: Braziers production
Funding awarded: € 3,800.00
Maniema province is located next to a protected forest area. Native pygmies suffer from a lack of wood, the currently only way of cooking their food. The project aims at including a group of 50 women in an awareness raising process of saving the natural surrounding and by so doing improving their quality of life. These women will be trained in braziers production and marketing.

NGO: Institut de la Charite
Project: Reconstruction of a building
Funding awarded: € 3,300.00
eu can aid! has already supported IC last year: it was a matter of providing the construction of three class rooms. During the project implementation, a big storm touched the area and another pre-existing building belonging to the applicant was completely destroyed. This request concerns the reconstruction of the destroyed building. The project will be realized thanks also to the active contribution of the local population: children and their parents have already realized the bricks and other stuff.

Project: Providing sewing machine
Funding awarded: € 3,065.00
The applicant is seeking funds to help some unwed mothers to start their own business. These girls have been trained in sewing by the applicant itself and it is the goal, today, to provide them with a certain number of sewing machines.

Project: Agriculture
Funding awarded: € 3,000.00
The project aims at improving the livelihood of 90 local families by developing agricultural and farming activities. The beneficiaries will receive, through micro-credits in kind, sheep, seeds and the necessary tools.


Project: Clean water supply
Funding awarded: € 4,600
The overall goal is to promote human and economic development in selected rural schools and villages by improving access to safe drinking water, public health and quality of life.
Drilling of boreholes for safe drinking water sources, as proposed in this program, aims to provide villagers and schools with the water they require and alleviate the need for women to spend hours fetching water from contaminated sources.


Project: Building a well
Funding awarded: € 2,500.00
AMB has benefited of eu can aid!’s help already in the past. This time is a matter of financing a well in Anjahamahity (300 beneficiaries). This well will provide direct access to clean water and will contribute at improving socio-economic beneficiaries’ conditions. It will be manually powered and water’s quality is assured.


Project;: Creation of a jewelry workshop
Funding awarded: € 4,000
The promoter wants to develop and equip 3 workshops – in three different villages – in order to train 20 young vulnerable people in jewelry and basketry production. Their production will be put on the market and generate an income increase.


Project;: Micro credit
Funding awarded: € 2,900.00
FAPDR is seeking funding in order to provide training and microcredit to 30 beneficiaries in order to provide each of them with a bicycle. The beneficiaries will receive training on how to maintain their bicycles and how to use them for income generating activities and the bicycles will be protected against theft by registering them with local authorities.


Project: Agriculture
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
In the framework of the 2011-2013 programme financed by the Belgian Agency DGD, the project developer is seeking funding for providing the beneficiaries with tools, seeds and fertilisers. To this end, ADG has constituted a fund from individual and collective donations in cash or in kind. 460 families will benefit from the project, which will also involve training.

Project: Agro-ecological infrastructure
Funding awarded: € 1,430.00
A first project aiming at creating green fences for 6 schools had been submitted. It is envisaged that the leaves from the plants will complement the pupils’ diet, that some of the wood will be used in the kitchens and that a vegetable garden will be created. Setting this up in a school means that only a limited budget is necessary, compared with the initial application.


Project: Solar lamps
Funding awarded: € 2,235.00
ACT Mara has submitted a proposal to obtain funding for providing solar lighting to 100 vulnerable children in rural communities. The project would include training on the use of the lamps from the students and their family and would be an excellent introduction to the benefits of renewable resources. Further to this, ACT Mara has spare parts for replacement in case some lamps are out of order as well as a solar technician to repair them and to give instructions to the children about their use. This projet has been financed thanks to the generous donation of Solar Solidarity asbl.


Project: Tomatoes and peppers production
Funding awarded: € 4,600.00
The overall objective of this project is to improve the revenues of a group of women and to help them to get a better life condition. 35 tons of onions, 700 boxes of tomatoes and 97 of peppers will be produced per year. Training is foreseen.


Project: Construction of wells
Funding awarded: € 3,840.00
EDF is seeking funding for the construction of 5 surface wells in 5 rural villages that are particularly affected by diseases caused by insalubrious water. The wells will provide access to drinking water for 500 families. There will be a training and awareness-raising sessions. Two of the wells will be financed.

Project: Agriculture
Funding awarded: € 4,500.00
The project will create and improve market linkages through regular acquisition and dissemination of market information: input suppliers for high quality products and competitive prices, enhancing farmers’ access to financial services providers and developing contract marketing and business relationship with established farm product buyers will be provided. The project trains and mentors a group of smallholder farmers, creates sustainable farming solutions and increases their income. A revolving fund, receiving input from the proceeds from the demonstration plots, will be created to enhance the project continuation beyond the project timeline (six months).

Project : Fish Farming
Funding awarded: € 4,500.00
FFUWD is seeking funds to create a stocked fish (tilapia) pond which would provide surplus income to beneficiaries after the second harvest. This income will also be used to sustain the project and to provide revolving loans. The direct beneficiaries are 50 women, 15 girls and five men described as widows, HIV/AIDS victims, school dropouts and victims of sexual abuse. Depending on family size, each will receive fish from the pond to supplement their diet. Indirect beneficiaries are the 20 men who will construct the project, 100 women and 250 girls who will buy fish at discounted prices. After the project is completed, the beneficiaries are expected to be able to manage and grow the project through the training and experience they will have received and income generation.

Project : Construction of two rain water tanks
Funding awarded: € 6,750.00
The project aims at enhancing access to safe clean drinking water and sanitation for victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence through construction of Ground Rain Water Harvesting Systems. Improving hygiene and sanitation, sensitizing community members and promoting safe water and sanitation practices are its objectives. The beneficiaries are 200 people and 700 students.

Project : Beekeeping
Funding awarded: € 5,500.00
The Kasese region nowadays is experi¬encing low rainfall. This reduces crop production and thus accelerates poverty among the local community which used to live almost entirely from subsistence farming. The diversification from farming to other income generating projects is a need: the communi¬ty chose beekeeping as their first priority. The project should benefit 80 women and 70 men. These beneficiaries will be trained in modern bee keeping. Subsequently every beneficiary will re¬ceive 4 bee hives. Homey will be put on the market.
This project has been funded thanks to the donation of the Association Femmes d’Europe

Project: Drinking water and purification
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
Access to drinking water is often very difficult for the many villages of the Kasese region. Indeed, existing water sources are often contaminated. Serious diseases and infant deaths are commonplace. The project will have an impact on more than 8,000 people. The rehabilitation of five low-depth wells is necessary. The project will include trainings and awareness-raising.

Project : Water and Sanitation
Funding awarded: € 7,000.00
The project aims at improving access to proper hygiene and sanitation facilities Nyendo Progressive Primary school through the construction of a ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) toilet, a washroom for girls and the purchase and installation of water harvesting water tank.

NGO: St. Vianney School
Project : Purchase of computers, photocopier and printer
Funding awarded: € 5,200.00
A community association – established by rural farmers – educates over 300 vulnerable / orphaned children aged 4-14 in a multi ethnic and multi religious school that now seeks to expand its academic and life skills education by introducing a fully-fledged IT training program with a view to diminishing child poverty and increasing local employment.. Laptops, keyboards, a photocopier with a printer and a scanner are provided. The project will cofounded by Rotary Club Scotland.

Project : Pig rearing
Funding awarded: € 4,000.00
The project is about setting up a pig rearing venture in a pilot centre that will also function as a distribution centre to the local community. The farm will rear pedigree pigs of excellent quality for marketing purposes. The pigs will be given to the farmers, which will have been selected on the basis of precise criteria (land ownership, records of results obtained, involvement in production). The beneficiaries will receive a part of the piglets produced in he venture to increase their own activity and for selling on the market. The application submitted to eu can aid! asked for a contribution of EUR 8,276.00. The Committee decided to finance the project, but only with a lower number of beneficiaries and piglets.


Project : Boreholes digging
Funding awarded: € 3,000.00
The Halo Trust started in August 2013 a demining operation on both sides of the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The border region is very arid and water is a major problem, already without the ongoing demining operation. The proposal aims at digging several boreholes in order to alleviate the situation. A groundwater investigation has taken place and four sites have been analysed. As a matter of priority the first identified borehole is funded.


Project: Building latrines
Funding awarded: € 1,000

This project had been already approved in 2012. A first instalment of € 3,450 had been awarded and the remaining € 1,000 was postponed until receipt of the first evaluation report. The latter having been send to eu can aid!, the amount of € 1,000 has now been paid.

Project: Soap factory implementation
Funding awarded: € 3,000

This project had been already approved in 2012. It was decided to first finance the workshop building and to defer the purchase of the needed staff after having received the proof of the building implementation. This condition having being met, the remainder has now been paid.

Project: Sheep Breeding
Funding awarded: € 4,800
20 underprivileged women living in Tchaourou would start a sheep breeding and attend training in small business management. ADEF will organize three training days, purchase 60 sheep, and provide a veterinary control. Beneficiaries and ADEF will contribute € 1,829 and the funding request amounts to € 4,786.

Project: Construction of a rabbit facility
Funding awarded: € 1,146
GHP-A is seeking funds to purchase material to construct a rabbit facility to help 30 handicapped people (members of GHP-A) to improve their life conditions. Other donors are involved in the project extension (for a total amount of € 14,000.00). eu can aid! finances the amount of € 1,146 to support the purchase of the boxes for the rabbits.

Burkina Faso:

Project: Sheep fattening
Funding awarded: € 5,342

The project aims to improve the life conditions of 30 mentally handicapped people and their families through the production of sheep meat. 180 sheep will be bought and given to the families to be raised. The meat will be sold to improve their incomes. Training and veterinary assistance are also planned. Within three years, the beneficiaries will be able to carry out the project on their own. eu can aid! will finance € 5,342, excluding the training and family support during the initial phase.

Project: Gardening
Funding awarded: € 4,854

The request concerns the implementation of an agricultural area for a group of women in Zongho village. An area of 15 000 m2 will be fenced off and water supplied by a motor pump. Tomatoes, aubergines and onions will be produced. eu can aid! supports part of the total cost (€ 7,589), with the remainder financed by the promoter itself.

Project: Maize flour production
Funding awarded: € 5,250

IKA KELE wants to create a small production unit to help 10 underprivileged women in Ouagadougou. Maize will be bought on the local market and flour produced and sold by the beneficiaries. The purchase of one mill, one decorticator and all the related material is requested. The total cost is € 6,201; the local community will contribute by financing € 955 and € 5,245 is the amount requested from eu can aid!.

Project: Additional classroom for a primary school
Funding awarded: € 6,000

In the village of Kasseba-Morsi the primary school has not enough room to welcome all the pupils. To avoid children leave the school and to improve the school attendance, the construction of a third class room is urgent.

Project: Purchase of a tractor unit
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Prince Mossi is seeking € 5,000.00 to co-finance the purchase of a tractor for a farm-school. In the region, it rains very irregularly and famers, who are today still working only by hand, have lot of problems in organising their production. Therefore their income does not cover entirely the food needs.

The tractor will help them in saving time and maximize the production.

Project: Construction of a warehouse
Funding awarded: € 4,000

The project aims to improve the vegetables production as well as onions’ storage, conservation and marketing. The 60 beneficiaries will be involved in the warehouse’s construction and will be trained in storing and conserving their production. Part of the total cost is financed by the promoter itself.


Project: Goat rearing and banana farming
Funding awarded: € 5,000
100 rural local families will benefit from this project. The goat manure and offspring reared will be put on the market, as well as the bananas produced. These activities will increase the beneficiaries’ income and help improve their living conditions.


NGO: Compter sur demain
Project: Development of a tailoring workshop
Funding awarded: € 8,000

The project concerns the enlargement of a building hosting vocational training courses in tailoring for young underprivileged girls. 30 girls per year will be trained.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Purchase of manioc mills
Funding awarded: € 3,985

The promoter wants to develop an income-generating activity in help to ex-serving marginalised young girls by installing two mills to process the crops farmed in the area (their own and those produced by other villagers). This will save them the 34 km round trip to the nearest existing mill. eu can aid! has financed only one mill.

Project: Renewable energy in help to craft-workers in Kilwit
Funding awarded: € 5,000

CERFAK (technical operator of CODEART) is requesting an electricity generator powered by palm oil, to develop workers activities. It will be a kind of prototype (not yet introduced into the market). In the mid-term the workers will be trained to adapt diesel engines to this vegetal fuel.
A traditional engine will be bought and adapted in Belgium and sent to Kilwit where it will be installed. eu can aid!’s contribution amounts to € 5,000 (total cost is of € 10,500).

Project: Guinea pig farming
Funding awarded: € 5,940
GDIBU wants to establish a guinea pig farm. The project will implement an experimental farm based on a rather small livestock in a 1 ha field provided by one the beneficiaries. The farm will host 200 boxes and 220 guinea pigs will be given to beneficiaries to breed. Guinea pigs are highly valued in the country and their sale should be profitable in the medium and long term. Training will also be provided.

Project: Construction of five water wells
Funding awarded: € 3,500
eu can aid! has already financed a first well, delaying the funding of the other four until reception of a positive evaluation of the first implemented project including the first well. The evaluation report received is satisfactory; PNS has renewed its funding request to complete the installation of the 5 wells.

Project: Agricultural and livestock production
Funding awarded: € 4,660

ASOFFE seeks funds to help 90 vulnerable families in developing agricultural and livestock farming. Goats, manioc, beans, tomatoes, peanuts will be provided as micro-credits repayable in kind. Training will be provided on the more profitable production techniques as well as on environment protection.

Project: Goats breeding
Funding awarded: € 3,500

The project concerns the purchase of 70 breeding goats to distribute to villagers. Each recipient will receive a goat or 2 kids. The 1st and the 3rd litter of kids will be returned to the village committee who will identify other beneficiaries. The 2nd litter will be kept. This will give revenue to 110 families of orphans and widows for food, clothing and primary school attendance.

Project: Developing of water sources
Funding awarded: € 3,200

A first water source has been financed in July 2013 and a one off payment of € 915.00 was awarded. The remaining 4 sources have been funded after verification of the first evaluation report.

NGO: Institute Charité
Project: Construction of a school
Funding awarded: € 3,500

Due to the war that took place in the East of DR of Congo, the lack of schooling and education grow among the children of the area. In 2006 parents from the surroundings of Baraka created a primary school for those children refused in other schools because of the lack of place for them. A year later, the Institute ‘Charité’ was created. Currently 510 pupils have insufficient classrooms for a proper education and the school needs some help for the improvement of the learning conditions of the students and their education. The construction of 4 new classrooms is requested. The construction has been started thanks to the pupils’ parents who raised part of the money but € 3,500.00 are still needed to finish the work.

Project: Microcredit
Funding awarded: € 2,400

The project concerns a microcredit project based on goats rearing. Direct beneficiaries are 10 women in Fizi (South-Kivu) selected on the basis on vulnerability. Each woman will receive two goats and training in microcredit management (2 days) and veterinary/farming techniques (2 days). After 12 months of goat rearing, each woman will give the credit (2 goats) to the next beneficiary. Each beneficiary can decide to sell some of the goats (70 $ each) to improve her living condition (building house, putting kids in school etc) or continue with the farming and finance other activities.


Project: Construction of toilets
Funding awarded: € 4,000
In Korogocho (Nairobi) sanitary facilities are in the form of pit latrines, The plastic bags used as containers are thrown anywhere outside; villagers along the river that borders Korogocho use the river and the strips of land alongside it for refuse disposal. In addition, as a result of poor sanitation, most residents defecate in the open playing fields. Therefore the problem of access to decent, clean toilets presents a health challenge to the local residents.
The association partner AE aims building a total of 200 toilets. To date, 105 toilets have been built. eu can aid! finances four toilets.


Project: Building of three classrooms
Funding awarded: € 5,785

The socio-economic crisis in the country has led to increased poverty for the local population. The project aims to create a secure and improved educational environment for 175 children through the construction of three new classrooms.

NGO: Louvain Cooperation
Project: Maternity in Belo – sur – Tsirhibina
Funding awarded: € 5,250

LC is building a new hospital. In phase 1 they set up a dispensary. In phase 2 they add a building housing a maternity. The overall cost of phase 2 amounts to € 16,000. eu can aid! is asked to finance the installation of electricity and water supply systems in that building for a cost of € 5,250.


Project;: Creation of a jewelry workshop
Funding awarded: € 4,000
The promoter wants to develop and equip 3 workshops – in three different villages – in order to train 20 young vulnerable people in jewelry and basketry production. Their production will be put on the market and generate an income increase.


Project: Agriculture
Funding awarded: € 3,250

The request concerns pig and chicken rearing to generate income for a group of underprivileged women in Midodzi. Training in food safety and prevention of animal diseases will be provided as well as in farming techniques.
Only the chicken breeding and the related training has been financed.

Project: Solar power
Funding awarded: € 4,800

The Hospital of Nundu (Fizi) has hardly access to electricity, especially for its operating and neonatology rooms. A micro solar power is requested, 12 panel and 50 lamps. The Hospital will take charge of the installation maintenance as well as of the sales or renting of the lamps and of their recharging.

Project: Construction of latrines
Funding awarded: € 4,000

The project wants to improve the evacuation system of faecal residues. The partner association is willing to install some ECOSAN latrines; this system facilitates the evacuation and allows beneficiaries to accede to an adequate infrastructure as well as the direct ease of use of bio-fertilizers for agricultural purposes.


Project: Purchase of school equipment
Funding awarded: € 4,480

St. Vianney School welcomes about 200 children belonging to the rural community and give them the opportunity to get an education at a reasonable cost.
Literacy and finding civilian employment will be the main issues and children will be helped to find a job in the local community. The request concerns books and other school supplies and 50 tables and 100 chairs.

Project : Women empowerment and childcare
Funding awarded: € 2,500

Women of the rural community of Kamuli have hardly any access to bank financing to develop their businesses. CCAWE is organising training and financing to help them launch their businesses. eu can aid! is asked to support microcredit loans for 47 women.

Project : Pig rearing
Funding awarded: € 4,150

The project targets improving income and living conditions for a group of women in Mukono Town. 7 groups of 5 households get piglets reared in a common pig sty they will build together. Veterinary assistance is provided and some of the pigs reared will be put on the local market. This activity should generate a monthly income for each household via sale of manure and piglets.

Project: School furniture
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Mpora is seeking funding for its secondary school. The school has 600 students, 21 teachers and 10 non-teaching staff. The school has six classrooms. As the number of students is increasing, Mpora requires more furniture and text books. The school currently has some three seat desks and broken one seat desks, but not enough to furnish all the classrooms. Text books will be financed from other sources. Furniture will be built and acquired locally.


Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 6,260

Providing secure water supply all year around
Some 7,000 inhabitants living in 4 villages in the district of Zagnanado, Benin only had access to temporary water points/streams. These water points were fed by rain water which dried up in hot summer months. Working with other donors, eu can aid! helped fund a project to construct 4 wells equipped with solar pumps and to educate the local population on best practices for transporting and storing water.

Project: Constructing a warehouse
Funding awarded: € 5,300
Helping to secure employment
For many women in Benin, finding employment that is regular and secure can be a challenge. It is for this reason that eu can aid! helped fund a project aimed at helping to secure the employment of 70 young women producing cassava flour. eu can aid!’s funding helped to install a corn mill and press and construct a warehouse to store products, all of which meant cassava production and sales could be increased.

Project: Construction of an agricultural centre and a water tower
Funding awarded: € 4,000
Empowering women
Planned construction of an agricultural centre and a water tower to train women with low incomes. Training in farm technology, in snail farming and micro-gardening is planned. A first installment of € 7, 000 was paid in 2011 and a further sum of € 4,000 committed for the second phase of the project. The interim report show that the project is on track and new photos supplied by the promoter show it is being realized.

NGO:  Impact
Project: Construction of a soap factory
Funding awarded: € 7,900
Women empowerment
This project aims to contribute to improving the revenue of the families belonging to the VIOUTOU association by establishing and developing soap production in order to ensure the security and overall development of their children.
30 women will be trained in how to produce household soap, in financial management, and the concept of the depreciation of material and equipment (also provided).

The promoter envisages the production of 62 400 bars of soap of 150g per year, which would increase the income of the women of the VIOUTOU association by 50% (from € 216 to € 324 per year).

Project: Constructing communal latrines
Funding awarded: € 4,450

Encouraging safe hygiene practices
Lake Ahémé is located in southern Benin. It is a water source for many of the rural communities living around the lake. Also, fishing in the lake is one of main activities of these communities. However, a lack of latrines in the region has resulted in the spread of water-bourne diseases. To help eradicate these diseases, encourage safe hygiene practices and keep the lake clean, eu can aid! supported a project to build and manage 4 communal latrines.

Project: Constructing a workshop
Funding awarded: € 6,400

Helping to promote local businesses and secure employment
In 2009, in the village of Yékon-Do, Benin, 73 vulnerable women began to produce and sell soap with the help of a local NGO. To enable the business to increase production and sales and thereby secure the employment of the beneficiaries, eu can aid! helped fund a project aimed at constructing a workshop and buying machinery to help in the production process.

Burkina Faso:

NGO: Wend Panga
Project: Building a school
Funding awarded: € 8,500

Helping to provide affordable secondary education
In rural areas in Burkina Faso, a lack of affordable secondary education means that less than 10% of children are able to continue with their educational studies beyond primary level. eu can aid! worked with 6 other donor organisations to help build a secondary school to provide an affordable education to some 350 children aged 12 – 16 years and all living within rural communities.


Project: Construction of two classrooms
Funding awarded: € 8,000
Two more classes in the school
Planned construction of two classrooms on land belonging to the Misasa communal school. This is a new build, including landscaping, digging the foundations, building, and roofing, finishing works and providing basic classroom equipment. At its meeting of 28 July 2011, the Committee decided to commit the sum of € 8,000, subject to the requester mobilising additional resources, in order to guarantee the total budget would be financed. The Dutch NGO ‘Winka’ (€6 000) and Cordaid (€ 14,600) supplied the necessary guarantees.


Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 6,861

Fighting preventable diseases
In the Mbouka area of Cameroun, cholera has begun to spread among poor families largely as a result of no access to safe, clean drinking water. eu can aid! therefore helped fund not only the construction of a well and water access points for the community but also training for community members to enable them to maintain the facilities.

NGO: Compter sur demain
Project: Vocational training
Funding awarded : € 8,000

Training for marginalized women
Building on the great work already started by an NGO based in Douala, Cameroun, eu can aid! helped extend a vocational training centre providing young marginalised women with training in sewing and an opportunity to start their own business. eu can aid!’s funding also helped build a sales centre to sell the products produced with profits generated being ploughed back into the training centre.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Providing access to safe, clean drinking water
To help combat the acute shortage of drinking water in the city of Pointe Noire in RDC, eu can aid! supported a project to construct a well with a pump operated with solar energy, benefiting the some 10,000 inhabitants of the district of Koufoli.

Project: Textbooks for medical libraries
Funding awarded: € 3,000

Providing medical text books to trainee nurses
Of the medical students in DRC, many study in schools located outside of the big cities and close to rural communities. These schools often lack study materials and in particular up-to-date medical text books. eu can aid! supported a scheme to help stock the libraries of these schools ensuring trainee medical staff are kept abreast of the latest medical techniques.

Project: Refurbishment of an operating suite
Funding awarded: € 5,000
Strengthening thehealth care service
This project consists of enhancing the surgical department by refurbishing the operating suite, buying equipment and skill transfer activities to improve the quality and level of care, thereby boosting the hospital’s activities. Through this project, the MAHU hopes to enhance a department which exists, but which is not developed enough to care for patients properly.

Project: Installation of three mills
Funding awarded: € 1,800
Empowering the income generation
The project consists of installing three mills for manioc and maize in three villages in the Boko sector in the province of Bas Congo. The income generated from selling the flour made will boost the inhabitants’ incomes, ease their workload and teach them how to manage a collective asset. The applicant will contribute some of the financing. The amount requested from the eu can aid! was € 4,745. As the project can be divided into modules (three different installations), it can be co-financed by other donors (e.g. the AST Network).

NGO: Paroisse Kinguba
Project: Poultry farming
Funding awarded: € 7,400
Fighting malnutrition and poverty
To help in the fight against malnutrition and poverty that affects so many living in the developing world, eu can aid! supported a project in the district of Kinguba, RDC aimed at providing chickens to 45 beneficiaries. Through farming poultry, the beneficiaries and their families are able to increase their intake of eggs and poultry. Any surplus eggs and meat products can be sold in the local market to supplement the beneficiaries’ income.

Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 1,170

Installing a water source
The district of Kalonge in RDC is home to some 110,000 inhabitants. Water-bourne diseases among the population are now at such a high level that according to the general hospital in Kalonge, such diseases are the second biggest cause of death after malaria. To help encourage safe hygiene practices, eu can aid! supported a project aimed at educating the local population in such practices and constructing 1 new water source.

Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 1,050

Helping to prevent water bourne diseases
Water bourne diseases are common among those living in rural communities in RDC largely because of the lack of access to safe, clean drinking water. eu can aid! helped fund a project aimed at both providing and maintaining a water source for a rural community.

Project: Reconstructing a bridge
Funding awarded: € 6,750
Bringing communities together
For many rural farming communities living around the Mpanda river in RDC, the destruction of a bridge over the river meant that they were left isolated from key centres to sell and trade their produce, and to access hospitals and schools. eu can aid! helped fund the reconstruction of the bridge.

Project: Agricultural and livestock training
Funding awarded: € 3,000

Supporting vulnerable women and children affected by HIV
Since the late 1990s, many communities living in South Kivu, RDC have been subjected to unimaginable violence and war and suffered with the spread of HIV/AIDS and poverty. To help support the most vulnerable, eu can aid! provided funding to train 15 orphans and 5 women, all living with HIV, in agricultural techniques and goat breeding. Further, the beneficiaries were provided with seeds, tools and livestock enabling them to increase their income and improve their quality of life.


Project: Installing a grinding mill
Funding awarded: € 6,000

Helping to secure employment for single mothers
One of eu can aid!’s members introduced eu can aid! to an NGO in Ethiopia that had trained and employed 48 single mothers to produce ceramics and embroidery products to sell to a busy tourist market. To help ensure the centre was able to continue employing the 48 beneficiaries and provide training to other single mothers, eu can aid! helped fund the purchase of a grinding and ball mill thereby helping to increase the number and quality of ceramics produced by the centre.


NGO: Jambo School
Project: Buying furniture for a school
Funding awarded: € 2,000
A more comnfortable learning
This concerns the provision of school furniture for the Lyma Children’s Education Centre, a private school run on a voluntary basis. The 110 children who would benefit would thus have the opportunity to learn and study in better conditions. The furniture would be made in the area, thereby contributing to local development.


NGO: Groupe Nature
Project: Agricultural training and equipment
Funding awarded: € 5,000
Ensuring food security for the most vulnerable
eu can aid!
 fully supports the idea of providing rural communities living below the poverty line with training, tools and equipment in order that they may grow their own food. In this project, eu can aid! supported a group of 30 women and their families by providing funding for a project aimed at training the women in vegetable gardening and providing them with seeds, tools and equipment to be able to grow their own produce.


NGO: Enfants du Père Martin
Project : Collecting rain water
Funding awarded : € 2,500
A safe and clean school
This project concerned the collection of rain water from the roofs of 6 classrooms into two tanks, to use for cleaning the classrooms and sanitary facilities. Two tanks of 500 litres each will be built. The amount requested includes the purchase of the materials required for building and installing the tanks. The local community will also contribute. The promoter is known to the eu can aid! as a past recipient of aid.


NGO: Hope of the Community
Project: Solar panels for medical centre
Funding awarded: € 5,700
Reduce themortality rate amongstreet children
The promoter requests eu can aid! support for buying solar panels for the dispensary in the village of Mtegowanoty. The panels will allow the consultation and treatment rooms to be lit at night, reducing the mortality rate of children and their mothers and also improve the storage of medication.

Project: Equipping a training centre
Funding awarded: € 6,000
Tackling youth unemployment
In this project, eu can aid! helps tackle the issue of youth unemployment within a rural community close to Kigoma, Tanzania. eu can aid!’s funding went towards providing further equipment for a training centre that provides vulnerable and disabled children with supplementary academic training and vocational training such as computing, carpentry and tailoring.

Please contact us for details concerning this project, the funding awarded and the project as implemented


Project: Solar energy for a school
Funding awarded: € 1,980

Providing electricity for a school
Many rural communities in Togo still have no access to electricity. In this project, eu can aid! helped fund the purchase and installation of solar panels for a public school giving 170 children and their teachers an opportunity to study and read in the evenings.


NGO: Mpora Rural Family
Project : Furniture for a school
Funding awarded: € 3,500
Creating a better learning environment
Educating our children is key to creating a better world. In this project, eu can aid! provided funding for desks and chairs for a primary and secondary school in Uganda aimed at educating children of communities living below the poverty line.

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