YEAR ONE – 2020

What is going to be funded in 2020

  • Community organisation:
    • All committees will be set-up and their members trained.
  • Education:
    • One kindergarten will be renovated, and essential repairs undertaken in schools. Teaching play material and supplementary nutrition will be provided in all six villages.
    • Supplementary education classes for 6 – 18 years old children will be established in the 6 villages. They will function 3 hours after school hours.
    • Career guidance will be given to orient older children towards higher education or a career.
  • Health and Nutrition:
  • Renovation of a first Ooranie (traditional water body) in the village of Thulukankulam, and introduction of fishes in the pond to generate an income used to maintain the pond.
  • Establishment of a health clinic at Rajapandingar, covering the needs of all six villages.
  • Health awareness camps organised twice in all six villages, whilst specialist health camps (eye, ortho, dental, diabetics, cancer, kidney) will take place every year at central level.
  • Prevention of health hazards will be improved by providing salt pan workers in the first year with sunglasses, boots and head load managers.
  • Nutrition awareness programmes will be conducted twice in the six villages.
  • Training sessions for adolescent girls will be organised in all six villages on health and hygiene issues.
  • Economic empowerment for women will be supported through training and micro-credit:
    • Training on Employability skills for 20 women in each village, introducing jobs such as electrician, plumbing, tailoring, driving, sales and marketing.
    • Training on SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business) for 40 women interested in starting their own business, selected with the support of women Self Help Groups. 
    • Provision of micro-credit for women trained under SIYB, to start a new business.
  • Baseline:
    • Monitoring information on the health of local people will be collected to assess the impact of the programme.