Solar power at the dispensary

Solar power at the dispensary


In Tanzania, the rural areas are frequently not connected to the energy network.

The medical staff at Marumba village dispensary was still using kerosene lamps and torches to help patients who come to seek services at night – frequently pregnant mothers in labour.

The installation of solar power was the only possible solution to avoid any medical risk and help the staff in upgrading their performance.

This project has been realized in December 2015.

eu can aid! and TDT financed with 5,000 € the installation of 10 SOLAR panels in the dispensary.


[su_quote style=”default” cite=”said Linus Buriani, local project officer” url=”” class=”smallquote”]
All welcomed very much the joint program and strengthened especially the rapid and comprehensive implementation of the solar project at the dispensary and the staff house. It has brought light into a village without electricity and improved very much the working and living conditions of the medical staff, which was about to leave the village because of the remoteness of the area and the bad conditions,[/su_quote]