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Volunteering with eu can aid!

Does eu can aid! need more volunteers?

Yes. eu can aid! is always in need of volunteers to help the organization in a variety of roles.

If I wanted to volunteer with eu can aid!, what roles are available?

  • eu can aid! runs a number of awareness raising events each year to bring to the attention of the EU staff the global inequalities as well as the problems of economic and social development. eu can aid! needs volunteers to help with promoting the event by for example putting up posters or handing out leaflets and holding one of the organised stands.
  • eu can aid!’s Project Group is responsible for analyzing projects submitted by NGOs in developing countries and providing a recommendation as to whether the project should be funded. The Project Group needs more volunteers to help with this process. You do not need to have any experience in development work. Each volunteer receives an instruction manual and an existing volunteer will act as a coach to provide help and guidance.
  • As an organization, eu can aid! functions in both French and English. As a result eu can aid! needs help in translating documents between French and English.

How is eu can aid! staffed?

eu can aid! operates on the basis of volunteer action which allows the organization to keep its running costs to a minimum.

How much time does a volunteer need to devote?

eu can aid! has no requirements on how much time a volunteer needs to devote.

If a volunteer has just a few hours to spare, he/she could help promote an event or translate a document.

If a volunteer has 1 or 2 hours a week to spare, they may wish to join eu can aid!’s Project Group in analyzing project proposals from NGOs. Analyzing a project from start to finish usually takes 2 – 4 months depending on how much time the volunteer can devote and how quickly the NGO responds to queries. Correspondence with the NGO is largely by email and volunteers can analyze the project at home in the evenings or at weekends.

The Projects Group meets once a week to discuss projects but there is no requirement for volunteers to attend every week.

Do I have to be a member of eu can aid! before I can become a volunteer?

No. There is no requirement for eu can aid! volunteers to become members.

Do I need to work at an EU Institution in order to become a volunteer?

No. Whilst some eu can aid! volunteers work at one of the EU institutions, many volunteers work with unrelated organisations, are retired, still studying or are currently seeking employment.

How does eu can aid! raise funds and how much does it raise?

eu can aid!’s funds come from member contributions and also from one-off donations. In 2012, eu can aid!’s total revenue was around € 190.000.

How does eu can aid! spend the funds it raises?

NGOs based in developing countries send eu can aid! project proposals in which they request funds to carry out locally based projects. For example, eu can aid! recently received a project proposal requesting funds of € 5,500 from an NGO based in West Bengal in India. The funds were to help buy 10 cows to start a dairy to provide both fresh milk and extra income for an orphanage for young boys operated by the NGO.

How many projects is eu can aid! able to support each year?

Since its creation in 1968, eu can aid! has supported over 800 projects in more than 65 countries, covering fields as diverse as agriculture, food, trade in goods and services, micro-credit, professional and vocational training. In 2012, eu can aid! supported 39 projects, awarding each project average funds of € 5,000.