Awareness Raising


eu can aid! makes every effort to bring to the attention of the staff of the European Institutions inequalities worldwide as well as the problems of economic and social development.

Efforts are constantly done to make the Association better known, essentially within the European institutions, but also to a lesser degree with civil society. This in turn enables the Association to acquire new members and volunteers and thereby increase human and financial resources. It also helps to create a stronger link with its members.

The funding’s impact on beneficiaries’ quality of life and self-sufficiency as well as transparency in the distribution of the funds, are eu can aid!’s asset, which awareness raising and communication tools focus on.

Campaigns to raise awareness take diverse forms:

  • Firstly, informing our audience in the overall situation of developing countries, of their specific problems and needs as well as of the importance of acting with urgency
  • Secondly, awakening people’s interest in eradicating poverty and exclusion in  developing countries, by becoming members and participating in our activities, thereby helping local population to become economically independent.

With a view to raising the profile of the Association within the European Institutions, different types of communication (documentation) are brought into play, specifically brochures, flyers, newsletters,  articles for in-house magazines, and discussions.

Let's build bridges instead of walls! Time to rally behind positive actions supporting the less fortunates…
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have you recently donated for development? ECA makes sure that your donation makes the difference!
Thanks to ECA &Women Protection Society (UGA) Wabwa&Yoweri primary schools now have 2 water cisterns.Water now complies with WHO standards!
Thanks to our support, NGO ASEP (Benin) just started the construction of a new well, to give 1200 pp access to drin…
New Project in RDC: 6,400€ awarded for latrines&furniture for local school. Most of the kids belong to families who came back after the wars
NEW project on fish rearing in RDC awared 3700€ to benefit 127 women who are widows/single mothers or have been abandoned by their husbands
5k euro have been awared to the Protection de l’Environnement et de l’Homme - Benin – for the construction of a well for gardening.
30women will work on the well but this project also benefit to 150 pp & their families. Vegetables sale will cover maintenance of the pump
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The project we support are selected after careful review. Want to present yours? Find out how
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We are financing installation of water tanks, more classrooms & toilets in Marumba (TZ) primary school! Learn more
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The foundation invested in polio and malaria vaccines, working all the way downstream in affected countries
#Globalhealth is a key theme for the gates foundation