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2023 Ekiden marathon

The 2023 Ekiden relay marathon will take place on Saturday, 22 October at the King Baudouin Stadium.
This very popular sports and social event gave EU staff the opportunity to promote physical activity in an inclusive race format and to encourage them to engage and participate in charitable actions and fundraising campaigns fighting poverty and inequality. Runners are organizing organized fundraising campaigns for the benefit of one project selected by eu can aid: Solar electrification of a health center in Madagascar.

Technical T-shirts are offered thanks to co-sponsoring by Afiliatys and GIVE EUR-HOPE

Running its 55th year of solidarity

“The contributions from eu can aid! not only provide for basic needs but allow the communities to move forward feeling stronger and more independent”
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Concert for Solidarity

On Saturday, 28 January, AMPLICAN invites you to a fundraising concert for eu can aid!
The funds raised by the amateur rock band will contribute to the purchase of an electric generator for the remote village of Bakachol, in Eastern Nepal.
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Success Stories

Marumba Village

7 years of collaboration with Tanzania Development Trust on the integrated program in Marumba village. July 2022 saw the evaluation and celebration of the projects.
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