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Why becoming a member ?

The recognition that we share the same aims and the same concern for solidarity with the most disadvantaged is the driving force behind our Association. It also forms the bedrock of the links between our members and the groups or associations which we support in the field.

Appealing to the generosity of the staff of the European Institutions – a fundamental principle of eu can aid! – means that the response of its members reinforces the feeling of contributing to a civil and institutional society which listens to and is more supportive of others.

Lastly, eu can aid! provides its members and their colleagues with guarantees as to the good use of the funds collected, through criteria setting clear limits on its scope for intervention, the transparency of procedures for the granting of funds or the follow-up of projects assisted, and the low level of management costs. This is particularly important for all those who are confronted daily with greater and greater requests for aid and who would like to know that their contributions are being put to good use.


How do I become a member ?

eu can aid! has currently over 600 members and even more occasional donors. By becoming a member you will certainly help the Association become more active, more effective and more generous.

Any member of the staff of the European Institutions can become as member, as can any other person sharing the views and subscribing to the aims of the Association.

To become a member, you simply need to contribute to the Association’s activities through making a regular payment. The amount you pay is at your discretion.


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