Call for a solidarity rally
May 9 – Europe Day – we commemorate the Schuman declaration of 9 May 1950. This is the day that marks our membership of the European Union and its values.


This Saturday, May 9, 2015, the Committee for the mobilisation of Solidarity calls each of you to join him on this journey of solidarity.


You are invited on the esplanade of the Berlaymont building – where the European flag was inaugurated in 1986 – at 11AM: there will be a solidarity rally and release of doves symbolizing our commitment to Solidarity.


After the volunteering forum at the European Commission in late 2011, a large gathering for a mobilization of solidarity was held in February 2014, with the adoption of the Charter of solidarity: it aims to promote the commitment of the European institutions staff, mainly for the poor in Europe and in the world.


Every year on May 9, we will be called to celebrate the Day of Staff Solidarity in European Institutions.


We invite you to join us and sign the solidarity charter:

Ignazio IACONO | Pascal DECLAYE
for the Committee for the mobilisation of Solidarity