Destruction, more than 7000 deaths, 14000 injured, millions of displaced people were – and still are – the consequences of the devastating massive earthquake which ravaged Nepal on Saturday 25 April 2015

Following the call on donations launched by eu can aid with the personal support Vice-President Kristalina GEORGIEVA and Commissioner Christos STYLIANIDES and with the help of CSC, 20,874 € were collected and distributed in support of four organisations.

  • 5,000.00 € went to Plan International for immediate emergency aids
  • 4,500.00 € were donated to support self-sufficiency in food production for the rural families in three earthquake effected areas of Kathmandu in partnership with AWARE, PakistanIn partnership with Terre d’Enfance, 5,500.00 € have been spent to reconstruct a primary school in Tanahu district
  • With 5,500.00 € and in partnership with CPCS, 800 metal roofs were distributed in help of 100 Nepali families having lost their home. The roofs are today installed on temporary shelters and will serve as permanent roof once, ended the emergency phase, new stable houses will be built.

From the bottom of our heart, a huge thank you to all donors and support