Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 6,260

Providing secure water supply all year around
Some 7,000 inhabitants living in 4 villages in the district of Zagnanado, Benin only had access to temporary water points/streams. These water points were fed by rain water which dried up in hot summer months. Working with other donors, ECA helped fund a project to construct 4 wells equipped with solar pumps and to educate the local population on best practices for transporting and storing water.

Project: Constructing a warehouse
Funding awarded: € 5,300
Helping to secure employment
For many women in Benin, finding employment that is regular and secure can be a challenge. It is for this reason that ECA helped fund a project aimed at helping to secure the employment of 70 young women producing cassava flour. ECA’s funding helped to install a corn mill and press and construct a warehouse to store products, all of which meant cassava production and sales could be increased.

Project: Construction of an agricultural centre and a water tower
Funding awarded: € 4,000
Empowering women
Planned construction of an agricultural centre and a water tower to train women with low incomes. Training in farm technology, in snail farming and micro-gardening is planned. A first installment of € 7, 000 was paid in 2011 and a further sum of € 4,000 committed for the second phase of the project. The interim report show that the project is on track and new photos supplied by the promoter show it is being realized.

NGO:  Impact
Project: Construction of a soap factory
Funding awarded: € 7,900
Women empowerment
This project aims to contribute to improving the revenue of the families belonging to the VIOUTOU association by establishing and developing soap production in order to ensure the security and overall development of their children.
30 women will be trained in how to produce household soap, in financial management, and the concept of the depreciation of material and equipment (also provided).

The promoter envisages the production of 62 400 bars of soap of 150g per year, which would increase the income of the women of the VIOUTOU association by 50% (from € 216 to € 324 per year).

Project: Constructing communal latrines
Funding awarded: € 4,450

Encouraging safe hygiene practices
Lake Ahémé is located in southern Benin. It is a water source for many of the rural communities living around the lake. Also, fishing in the lake is one of main activities of these communities. However, a lack of latrines in the region has resulted in the spread of water-bourne diseases. To help eradicate these diseases, encourage safe hygiene practices and keep the lake clean, ECA supported a project to build and manage 4 communal latrines.

Project: Constructing a workshop
Funding awarded: € 6,400

Helping to promote local businesses and secure employment
In 2009, in the village of Yékon-Do, Benin, 73 vulnerable women began to produce and sell soap with the help of a local NGO. To enable the business to increase production and sales and thereby secure the employment of the beneficiaries, ECA helped fund a project aimed at constructing a workshop and buying machinery to help in the production process.

Burkina Faso:

NGO: Wend Panga
Project: Building a school
Funding awarded: € 8,500

Helping to provide affordable secondary education
In rural areas in Burkina Faso, a lack of affordable secondary education means that less than 10% of children are able to continue with their educational studies beyond primary level. ECA worked with 6 other donor organisations to help build a secondary school to provide an affordable education to some 350 children aged 12 – 16 years and all living within rural communities.


Project: Construction of two classrooms
Funding awarded: € 8,000
Two more classes in the school
Planned construction of two classrooms on land belonging to the Misasa communal school. This is a new build, including landscaping, digging the foundations, building, and roofing, finishing works and providing basic classroom equipment. At its meeting of 28 July 2011, the Committee decided to commit the sum of € 8,000, subject to the requester mobilising additional resources, in order to guarantee the total budget would be financed. The Dutch NGO ‘Winka’ (€6 000) and Cordaid (€ 14,600) supplied the necessary guarantees.


Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 6,861

Fighting preventable diseases
In the Mbouka area of Cameroun, cholera has begun to spread among poor families largely as a result of no access to safe, clean drinking water. ECA therefore helped fund not only the construction of a well and water access points for the community but also training for community members to enable them to maintain the facilities.

NGO: Compter sur demain
Project: Vocational training
Funding awarded : € 8,000

Training for marginalized women
Building on the great work already started by an NGO based in Douala, Cameroun, ECA helped extend a vocational training centre providing young marginalised women with training in sewing and an opportunity to start their own business. ECA’s funding also helped build a sales centre to sell the products produced with profits generated being ploughed back into the training centre.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Providing access to safe, clean drinking water
To help combat the acute shortage of drinking water in the city of Pointe Noire in RDC, ECA supported a project to construct a well with a pump operated with solar energy, benefiting the some 10,000 inhabitants of the district of Koufoli.

Project: Textbooks for medical libraries
Funding awarded: € 3,000

Providing medical text books to trainee nurses
Of the medical students in DRC, many study in schools located outside of the big cities and close to rural communities. These schools often lack study materials and in particular up-to-date medical text books. ECA supported a scheme to help stock the libraries of these schools ensuring trainee medical staff are kept abreast of the latest medical techniques.

Project: Refurbishment of an operating suite
Funding awarded: € 5,000
Strengthening thehealth care service
This project consists of enhancing the surgical department by refurbishing the operating suite, buying equipment and skill transfer activities to improve the quality and level of care, thereby boosting the hospital’s activities. Through this project, the MAHU hopes to enhance a department which exists, but which is not developed enough to care for patients properly.

Project: Installation of three mills
Funding awarded: € 1,800
Empowering the income generation
The project consists of installing three mills for manioc and maize in three villages in the Boko sector in the province of Bas Congo. The income generated from selling the flour made will boost the inhabitants’ incomes, ease their workload and teach them how to manage a collective asset. The applicant will contribute some of the financing. The amount requested from the ECA was € 4,745. As the project can be divided into modules (three different installations), it can be co-financed by other donors (e.g. the AST Network).

NGO: Paroisse Kinguba
Project: Poultry farming
Funding awarded: € 7,400
Fighting malnutrition and poverty
To help in the fight against malnutrition and poverty that affects so many living in the developing world, ECA supported a project in the district of Kinguba, RDC aimed at providing chickens to 45 beneficiaries. Through farming poultry, the beneficiaries and their families are able to increase their intake of eggs and poultry. Any surplus eggs and meat products can be sold in the local market to supplement the beneficiaries’ income.

Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 1,170

Installing a water source
The district of Kalonge in RDC is home to some 110,000 inhabitants. Water-bourne diseases among the population are now at such a high level that according to the general hospital in Kalonge, such diseases are the second biggest cause of death after malaria. To help encourage safe hygiene practices, ECA supported a project aimed at educating the local population in such practices and constructing 1 new water source.

Project: Installing a water source
Funding awarded: € 1,050

Helping to prevent water bourne diseases
Water bourne diseases are common among those living in rural communities in RDC largely because of the lack of access to safe, clean drinking water. ECA helped fund a project aimed at both providing and maintaining a water source for a rural community.

Project: Reconstructing a bridge
Funding awarded: € 6,750

Bringing communities together
For many rural farming communities living around the Mpanda river in RDC, the destruction of a bridge over the river meant that they were left isolated from key centres to sell and trade their produce, and to access hospitals and schools. ECA helped fund the reconstruction of the bridge.

Project: Agricultural and livestock training
Funding awarded: € 3,000

Supporting vulnerable women and children affected by HIV
Since the late 1990s, many communities living in South Kivu, RDC have been subjected to unimaginable violence and war and suffered with the spread of HIV/AIDS and poverty. To help support the most vulnerable, ECA provided funding to train 15 orphans and 5 women, all living with HIV, in agricultural techniques and goat breeding. Further, the beneficiaries were provided with seeds, tools and livestock enabling them to increase their income and improve their quality of life.


Project: Installing a grinding mill
Funding awarded: € 6,000

Helping to secure employment for single mothers
One of ECA’s members introduced ECA to an NGO in Ethiopia that had trained and employed 48 single mothers to produce ceramics and embroidery products to sell to a busy tourist market. To help ensure the centre was able to continue employing the 48 beneficiaries and provide training to other single mothers, ECA helped fund the purchase of a grinding and ball mill thereby helping to increase the number and quality of ceramics produced by the centre.


NGO: Jambo School
Project: Buying furniture for a school
Funding awarded: € 2,000
A more comnfortable learning
This concerns the provision of school furniture for the Lyma Children’s Education Centre, a private school run on a voluntary basis. The 110 children who would benefit would thus have the opportunity to learn and study in better conditions. The furniture would be made in the area, thereby contributing to local development.


NGO: Groupe Nature
Project: Agricultural training and equipment
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Ensuring food security for the most vulnerable
ECA fully supports the idea of providing rural communities living below the poverty line with training, tools and equipment in order that they may grow their own food. In this project, ECA supported a group of 30 women and their families by providing funding for a project aimed at training the women in vegetable gardening and providing them with seeds, tools and equipment to be able to grow their own produce.


NGO: Enfants du Père Martin
Project : Collecting rain water
Funding awarded : € 2,500
A safe and clean school
This project concerned the collection of rain water from the roofs of 6 classrooms into two tanks, to use for cleaning the classrooms and sanitary facilities. Two tanks of 500 litres each will be built. The amount requested includes the purchase of the materials required for building and installing the tanks. The local community will also contribute. The promoter is known to the ECA as a past recipient of aid.


NGO: Hope of the Community
Project: Solar panels for medical centre
Funding awarded: € 5,700
Reduce themortality rate amongstreet children
The promoter requests ECA support for buying solar panels for the dispensary in the village of Mtegowanoty. The panels will allow the consultation and treatment rooms to be lit at night, reducing the mortality rate of children and their mothers and also improve the storage of medication.

Project: Equipping a training centre
Funding awarded: € 6,000
Tackling youth unemployment
In this project, ECA helps tackle the issue of youth unemployment within a rural community close to Kigoma, Tanzania. ECA’s funding went towards providing further equipment for a training centre that provides vulnerable and disabled children with supplementary academic training and vocational training such as computing, carpentry and tailoring.

Please contact us for details concerning this project, the funding awarded and the project as implemented


Project: Solar energy for a school
Funding awarded: € 1,980

Providing electricity for a school
Many rural communities in Togo still have no access to electricity. In this project, ECA helped fund the purchase and installation of solar panels for a public school giving 170 children and their teachers an opportunity to study and read in the evenings.


NGO: Mpora Rural Family
Project : Furniture for a school
Funding awarded: € 3,500
Creating a better learning environment
Educating our children is key to creating a better world. In this project, ECA provided funding for desks and chairs for a primary and secondary school in Uganda aimed at educating children of communities living below the poverty line.



Project: Constructing communal showers and latrines
Funding awarded: € 6,000

Encouraging basic hygiene practices
Many of the diseases that affect those living in the developing world can be contained and/or prevented through basic hygiene practices. In this project, ECA has helped fund a project to provide 365 families served by “Timoun Byen Vini St Paul” center with access to communal showers, wash basins and latrines.

Project: Hygiene training and latrine construction
Funding awarded: € 8,850
Encouraging safe hygiene practices
This project envisages making lasting improvements to the hygiene-related behaviour of the inhabitants of the Grand’Anse department. It includes hygiene training through an information campaignat different levels (radio, posters, schools, events) and the construction of 20 latrines


NGO: SiKanda
Project: Waste processing
Funding awarded: € 2,800
Waste recycling and income generation
This involves giving marginalised families living in the slums of Oaxaca City (southwest Mexico) the possibility to convert their waste to a source of lasting income. The promoter is requesting funding to create 30 composting kits to transform organic waste into fertiliser and sell it on the local market. 30 families would benefit. The amount requested from the ECA was € 7 945.

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Project: Building a school
Funding awarded: € 7,000
Building a school

Every child deserves the opportunity to gain a basic education. In this project, ECA provided funding for a project to build, equip and maintain a school on the island of Omepete, Nicaragua. The school will provide 50 – 80 children between the ages of 3 – 12 years, all from impoverished families, with an education.



Project: Micro-financing
Funding awarded: € 1,700
Helping to secure incomes of marginalized women
Many women living in India’s rural communities are marginalised particularly if they are widows or single mothers. To help such women help themselves and their families, ECA supported a project to both train and provide seed capital to 10 beneficiaries enabling them to start their own business.

Project: Access to drinking water
Funding awarded: € 6,000
Improving access to clean and safe drinking water
The project intends to improve access to drinking water for 60 families and the sanitary installations in a village in Uttar Pradesh. It consists of building a well and a reservoir, powered by a solar pump.
Please contact us for details concerning this project, the funding awarded and the project as implemented

Project: Needlework training
Funding awarded: € 4,700
A worthy future for 50 young girls
The project aims to provide training in sewing and embroidery for 50 young girls and women from different villages around the town of Kurnool. An awareness-raising programme will be hosted in each village to recruit participants. The 6-month training course held twice a year for two groups will include accommodation, food and literacy training in the evenings. After the course, the graduates will receive coaching from businesses to help them to start their own business.

The request concerns the provision of sewing machines, material and related supplies.

NGO: Manab Seva
Project: Finalising construction of an orphanage
Funding awarded: € 1,350
Giving more comfort to orphans
The reception centre for 25 young boys, built in October 2010, is part-funded by the local government (food, clothes, health care, and teachers’ salaries). In 2011 a second story was added to cope with growing demand.

The financing requested concerns the installation of a fan, doors and windows, electricity and plumbing.  Amount requested: €1,350.
The project is financed thanks to a donation from the Commission’s Yoga Group.

Project: Vocational training for young girls
Funding awarded: € 5,750
Vocational training for young girls

As a result of financial and/or cultural reasons many young girls in India are uneducated, and thereby struggle to earn a living later in life. In this project, ECA provided funding to help increase employment opportunities for 50 such marginalized young girls aged between 14 – 18 years living in the Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh. The project offers the girls training in hand embroidery as well as help and assistance to start their own business at the end of the training. Further, some of the proceeds from the sale of products produced will go towards training more beneficiaries.

Project: Water purifiers
Funding awarded: € 2,700
Providing access to safe, clean drinking water

For many poor communities living in India, access to safe, clean drinking water is a luxury not all can afford. ECA supported a project aimed at helping such communities by providing 100 beneficiaries in 5 villages with water purifiers. A training session on water and sanitation issues is also foreseen.

NGO: Worth
Project: Micro-financing
Funding awarded: € 7,400
Empowering women

In many countries, women are left marginalized and have no or only limited opportunities to earn an income to help support themselves and their families. ECA helped support a project in India that gave 20 such women access to affordable financing to start a small vending business. Further, as loans are repaid, more beneficiaries can be helped.


Project: Emergency centre for street children
Funding awarded: € 4,300
Combating tropical diseases.
The project concerns the creation of an emergency medical centre open 24/7 for street children in the Lazimpat region. The centre will provide emergency treatment for tropical diseases and problems linked to malnutrition.