Project: Building latrines
Funding awarded: € 1,000

This project had been already approved in 2012. A first instalment of € 3,450 had been awarded and the remaining € 1,000 was postponed until receipt of the first evaluation report. The latter having been send to ECA, the amount of € 1,000 has now been paid.

Project: Soap factory implementation
Funding awarded: € 3,000

This project had been already approved in 2012. It was decided to first finance the workshop building and to defer the purchase of the needed staff after having received the proof of the building implementation. This condition having being met, the remainder has now been paid.

Project: Sheep Breeding
Funding awarded: € 4,800
20 underprivileged women living in Tchaourou would start a sheep breeding and attend training in small business management. ADEF will organize three training days, purchase 60 sheep, and provide a veterinary control. Beneficiaries and ADEF will contribute € 1,829 and the funding request amounts to € 4,786.

Project: Construction of a rabbit facility
Funding awarded: € 1,146
GHP-A is seeking funds to purchase material to construct a rabbit facility to help 30 handicapped people (members of GHP-A) to improve their life conditions. Other donors are involved in the project extension (for a total amount of € 14,000.00). ECA finances the amount of € 1,146 to support the purchase of the boxes for the rabbits.

Burkina Faso:

Project: Sheep fattening
Funding awarded: € 5,342

The project aims to improve the life conditions of 30 mentally handicapped people and their families through the production of sheep meat. 180 sheep will be bought and given to the families to be raised. The meat will be sold to improve their incomes. Training and veterinary assistance are also planned. Within three years, the beneficiaries will be able to carry out the project on their own. ECA will finance € 5,342, excluding the training and family support during the initial phase.

Project: Gardening
Funding awarded: € 4,854

The request concerns the implementation of an agricultural area for a group of women in Zongho village. An area of 15 000 m2 will be fenced off and water supplied by a motor pump. Tomatoes, aubergines and onions will be produced. ECA supports part of the total cost (€ 7,589), with the remainder financed by the promoter itself.

Project: Maize flour production
Funding awarded: € 5,250

IKA KELE wants to create a small production unit to help 10 underprivileged women in Ouagadougou. Maize will be bought on the local market and flour produced and sold by the beneficiaries. The purchase of one mill, one decorticator and all the related material is requested. The total cost is € 6,201; the local community will contribute by financing € 955 and € 5,245 is the amount requested from ECA.

Project: Additional classroom for a primary school
Funding awarded: € 6,000

In the village of Kasseba-Morsi the primary school has not enough room to welcome all the pupils. To avoid children leave the school and to improve the school attendance, the construction of a third class room is urgent.

Project: Purchase of a tractor unit
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Prince Mossi is seeking € 5,000.00 to co-finance the purchase of a tractor for a farm-school. In the region, it rains very irregularly and famers, who are today still working only by hand, have lot of problems in organising their production. Therefore their income does not cover entirely the food needs.

The tractor will help them in saving time and maximize the production.

Project: Construction of a warehouse
Funding awarded: € 4,000

The project aims to improve the vegetables production as well as onions’ storage, conservation and marketing. The 60 beneficiaries will be involved in the warehouse’s construction and will be trained in storing and conserving their production. Part of the total cost is financed by the promoter itself.


Project: Goat rearing and banana farming
Funding awarded: € 5,000
100 rural local families will benefit from this project. The goat manure and offspring reared will be put on the market, as well as the bananas produced. These activities will increase the beneficiaries’ income and help improve their living conditions.


NGO: Compter sur demain
Project: Development of a tailoring workshop
Funding awarded: € 8,000

The project concerns the enlargement of a building hosting vocational training courses in tailoring for young underprivileged girls. 30 girls per year will be trained.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Project: Purchase of manioc mills
Funding awarded: € 3,985

The promoter wants to develop an income-generating activity in help to ex-serving marginalised young girls by installing two mills to process the crops farmed in the area (their own and those produced by other villagers). This will save them the 34 km round trip to the nearest existing mill. ECA has financed only one mill.

Project: Renewable energy in help to craft-workers in Kilwit
Funding awarded: € 5,000

CERFAK (technical operator of CODEART) is requesting an electricity generator powered by palm oil, to develop workers activities. It will be a kind of prototype (not yet introduced into the market). In the mid-term the workers will be trained to adapt diesel engines to this vegetal fuel.
A traditional engine will be bought and adapted in Belgium and sent to Kilwit where it will be installed. ECA’s contribution amounts to € 5,000 (total cost is of € 10,500).

Project: Guinea pig farming
Funding awarded: € 5,940
GDIBU wants to establish a guinea pig farm. The project will implement an experimental farm based on a rather small livestock in a 1 ha field provided by one the beneficiaries. The farm will host 200 boxes and 220 guinea pigs will be given to beneficiaries to breed. Guinea pigs are highly valued in the country and their sale should be profitable in the medium and long term. Training will also be provided.

Project: Construction of five water wells
Funding awarded: € 3,500
ECA has already financed a first well, delaying the funding of the other four until reception of a positive evaluation of the first implemented project including the first well. The evaluation report received is satisfactory; PNS has renewed its funding request to complete the installation of the 5 wells.

Project: Agricultural and livestock production
Funding awarded: € 4,660

ASOFFE seeks funds to help 90 vulnerable families in developing agricultural and livestock farming. Goats, manioc, beans, tomatoes, peanuts will be provided as micro-credits repayable in kind. Training will be provided on the more profitable production techniques as well as on environment protection.

Project: Goats breeding
Funding awarded: € 3,500

The project concerns the purchase of 70 breeding goats to distribute to villagers. Each recipient will receive a goat or 2 kids. The 1st and the 3rd litter of kids will be returned to the village committee who will identify other beneficiaries. The 2nd litter will be kept. This will give revenue to 110 families of orphans and widows for food, clothing and primary school attendance.

Project: Developing of water sources
Funding awarded: € 3,200

A first water source has been financed in July 2013 and a one off payment of € 915.00 was awarded. The remaining 4 sources have been funded after verification of the first evaluation report.

NGO: Institute Charité
Project: Construction of a school
Funding awarded: € 3,500

Due to the war that took place in the East of DR of Congo, the lack of schooling and education grow among the children of the area. In 2006 parents from the surroundings of Baraka created a primary school for those children refused in other schools because of the lack of place for them. A year later, the Institute ‘Charité’ was created. Currently 510 pupils have insufficient classrooms for a proper education and the school needs some help for the improvement of the learning conditions of the students and their education. The construction of 4 new classrooms is requested. The construction has been started thanks to the pupils’ parents who raised part of the money but € 3,500.00 are still needed to finish the work.

Project: Microcredit
Funding awarded: € 2,400

The project concerns a microcredit project based on goats rearing. Direct beneficiaries are 10 women in Fizi (South-Kivu) selected on the basis on vulnerability. Each woman will receive two goats and training in microcredit management (2 days) and veterinary/farming techniques (2 days). After 12 months of goat rearing, each woman will give the credit (2 goats) to the next beneficiary. Each beneficiary can decide to sell some of the goats (70 $ each) to improve her living condition (building house, putting kids in school etc) or continue with the farming and finance other activities.


Project: Construction of toilets
Funding awarded: € 4,000
In Korogocho (Nairobi) sanitary facilities are in the form of pit latrines, The plastic bags used as containers are thrown anywhere outside; villagers along the river that borders Korogocho use the river and the strips of land alongside it for refuse disposal. In addition, as a result of poor sanitation, most residents defecate in the open playing fields. Therefore the problem of access to decent, clean toilets presents a health challenge to the local residents.
The association partner AE aims building a total of 200 toilets. To date, 105 toilets have been built. ECA finances four toilets.


Project: Building of three classrooms
Funding awarded: € 5,785

The socio-economic crisis in the country has led to increased poverty for the local population. The project aims to create a secure and improved educational environment for 175 children through the construction of three new classrooms.

NGO: Louvain Cooperation
Project: Maternity in Belo – sur – Tsirhibina
Funding awarded: € 5,250

LC is building a new hospital. In phase 1 they set up a dispensary. In phase 2 they add a building housing a maternity. The overall cost of phase 2 amounts to € 16,000. ECA is asked to finance the installation of electricity and water supply systems in that building for a cost of € 5,250.


Project;: Creation of a jewelry workshop
Funding awarded: € 4,000
The promoter wants to develop and equip 3 workshops – in three different villages – in order to train 20 young vulnerable people in jewelry and basketry production. Their production will be put on the market and generate an income increase.


Project: Agriculture
Funding awarded: € 3,250

The request concerns pig and chicken rearing to generate income for a group of underprivileged women in Midodzi. Training in food safety and prevention of animal diseases will be provided as well as in farming techniques.
Only the chicken breeding and the related training has been financed.

Project: Solar power
Funding awarded: € 4,800

The Hospital of Nundu (Fizi) has hardly access to electricity, especially for its operating and neonatology rooms. A micro solar power is requested, 12 panel and 50 lamps. The Hospital will take charge of the installation maintenance as well as of the sales or renting of the lamps and of their recharging.

Project: Construction of latrines
Funding awarded: € 4,000

The project wants to improve the evacuation system of faecal residues. The partner association is willing to install some ECOSAN latrines; this system facilitates the evacuation and allows beneficiaries to accede to an adequate infrastructure as well as the direct ease of use of bio-fertilizers for agricultural purposes.


Project: Purchase of school equipment
Funding awarded: € 4,480

St. Vianney School welcomes about 200 children belonging to the rural community and give them the opportunity to get an education at a reasonable cost.
Literacy and finding civilian employment will be the main issues and children will be helped to find a job in the local community. The request concerns books and other school supplies and 50 tables and 100 chairs.

Project : Women empowerment and childcare
Funding awarded: € 2,500

Women of the rural community of Kamuli have hardly any access to bank financing to develop their businesses. CCAWE is organising training and financing to help them launch their businesses. ECA is asked to support microcredit loans for 47 women.

Project : Pig rearing
Funding awarded: € 4,150

The project targets improving income and living conditions for a group of women in Mukono Town. 7 groups of 5 households get piglets reared in a common pig sty they will build together. Veterinary assistance is provided and some of the pigs reared will be put on the local market. This activity should generate a monthly income for each household via sale of manure and piglets.

Project: School furniture
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Mpora is seeking funding for its secondary school. The school has 600 students, 21 teachers and 10 non-teaching staff. The school has six classrooms. As the number of students is increasing, Mpora requires more furniture and text books. The school currently has some three seat desks and broken one seat desks, but not enough to furnish all the classrooms. Text books will be financed from other sources. Furniture will be built and acquired locally.



Project: Shipping and fishing school
Funding awarded: € 7,500

Jeune Corail operates in the North-East of Haiti where many fishermen – very often orphan – do not receive any training. JC has implemented a maritime schooling to train them in fishing, shipping and products conditioning. The first session has already been organised and JC is now seeking for a wood school-boat to improve the courses and give fishermen the opportunity to put into practice the theory learned.  This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of AFILIATYS


NGO: Huerta Nino
Project: Organic school garden
Funding awarded: € 3,820

Huerta Nino wants to create an organic garden in a children school. It will allow consistent vegetable production to feed the children during the school time. In the long term, the project will be self- sustaining and able to produce its own seeds and will encourage the integration of rural children.


Project: Yogurt and cheese production
Funding awarded: € 7,340

The association has already received help from ETM for creating a milk production. The new project submitted aims at improving the productivity by preparing as well other dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese. Our partner association COAGRO wants to help 30 women from the community of Tupigachi, who live in very poor conditions, to develop the production of cheese and yoghurt from the milk of their cows. This would enable them to adapt the existing small dairy and buy the equipment needed to make and sell their products. This project would allow the women to add much more value to the milk from their cows and thereby increase their families’ incomes.


Project: Construction of a school
Funding awarded: € 3,500

In 2012 ECA’s Committee agreed to provide funding of € 7,000.00 for the construction of the school. The payment was to be made in two tranches of € 3,500.00. A first tranche of €3,500.00 was paid immediately and the second one has been awarded after reception of the update report stating the progress of works.


Project: Hygiene and clean water in Collique
Funding awarded: € 5,000

Collique inhabitants have hardly any access to clean water. The only water source is a weak spring located in the village. Hills in the neighbourhood are their only toilet, which generates big pollution problems.
LAGWA wants to install 25 dry toilets to help 25 families to improve their hygiene. 3 wash basins will be also set up. In a second phase, LAGWA plans to install some shower cabins. Labour will be provided by LAGWA and € 5,000 is requested from ECA to cover the installation costs.

NGO: Communidad Campesina de Rancha
Project: Access to drinking water
Funding awarded: € 7,800

The current water distribution system in the Chimpapuquio community (250 families) is deficient due to a geological fault. The local population gets water in contaminated wells and does not have enough water for irrigation (very low rate) for fruit crops and small livestock. The project includes the construction of a power supply system and a water tank for water treatment.
ETWA Munich (€ 8,000) and ETW The Hague (€ 6,000) will also support this project.



Project: Philips Ultrasound System for Hospital in Punakha
Funding awarded: € 7,355

The hospital in Punakha is the only clinic in an area in which 40.000 people are living. The echography machine of the clinic ceased to function in 2012. A new machine is desperately needed. The total cost of the echography equipment is 14,710 €. A private donor will fund € 7,355 provided that ECA confirms the funding of the remaining part of € 7,355.


Project: Dairy
Funding awarded: € 4,500
The aim of the project is to provide alternative employment for women currently working rolling beedies, which involves tobacco and is harmful to health, by developing the skills of women for dairy farming. 20 women in Tamil Nadu will be provided with one cow each. The beneficiaries are expected to consume 20% of the milk produced for personal and family use. The rest will be sold to generate income.

Project: Skill training in coir rope
Funding awarded: € 2,500
The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity for Dalit women to learn the skill of coir making with locally available raw material (coconut). The project will improve the status and economic standard of the women by increasing the income from 1500 INR to 3500 INR per month and increase the number of employment days from 90 to 250 per year. The income from the training unit will fund schooling for the children. The budget includes the set-up of the coir training unit, the installation of 20 coir making machines at the Jodichinthala (Andhra Pradesh) training center. After the training, the beneficiaries will be linked with banks for financial support to start their own coir production units nearer their homes.

Project: Fish farming
Funding awarded: € 5,000
The program aims to promote fish culture at public water bodies in 10 villages in Tuticorin District of Tamil Nadu. In addition, the program will create enhanced family revenues and foster an increased awareness of the imperative need for environmental protection of water resources. The water bodies (called ooranies) will be cleaned and deepened and the fish culture will be installed. Training and the creation of a water committee are foreseen. The project is co-financed by the applicant itself (€ 5,000.00) and by the Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes, who has accorded matching funds for an amount of € 5,500.00.