Benin :

Project: School equipment
Funding Awarded: 7,700 €
The NGO ESVUL (Espoir des Vulnérables) received funds for the construction of 2 classrooms, 2 latrines and a water tank for hand washing. The direct beneficiaries are more than 150 pupils and teachers of a primary school. No latrines were available previously. The maintenance will be ensured by a management committee composed of teachers and parents of pupils.

Burkina Faso:

Project: Basins for market gardening
Funding Awarded: 6,650 €
The NGO ACLP, Benin (Action de Lutte Contre La Pauvreté) received funds to construct basins for market gardening and to buy appropriate tools. This project is complemented by a borehole and a tank which are financed by a Spanish NGO (Pozo sin Fronteras). It is realized within the framework of a cooperative society of 30 women.


NGO: Handipropalm
Project: Bakery for handicapped persons
Funding Awarded: 4,930 €
Handipropalm received funding for the creation of a bakery employing people with disabilities. The beneficiaries are organised in groups which helps them for access microcredit and technical and financial supports. The bakery will function with a solar oven. The products (square breads and little sugar breads) meet an important demand in the region.

Project: Drilling a well
Funding awarded: 4,940 €
Repta received funding for the drilling of a well in a primary school. This well will give clean water to drink whereas the pupils are now obliged to fetch water in a pond. A management committee supervised by the association of parents will ensure the maintenance of a manual pump with little fees to be paid by the consumers. This will benefit directly to 690 pupils and the 10 teachers as well as indirectly to the 3000 inhabitants of the village.


Project: Installation of two mills
Funding Awarded: 4,400 €
The NGO MLECI received funds for the installation of two manioc mills. They will help the 500 women of 9 groups to avoid long waiting queues for accessing the existing mills. Moreover, the mills will make it possible to save large amounts of money that were earmarked for milling. Milling for third-party producers will increase the income of the groups.

Project: Fish rearing
Funding Awarded: 3,175 €
The Congolese NGO AVOLAR was granted funding for the creation of a fish rearing project mainly by building 4 ponds. This will benefit 80 women who are in charge of their families. A management committee will be created with the participation of the General Secretary of the NGO and the beneficiaries.

Project: Rice culture
Funding Awarded: 4,200 €
The NGO ATADC (Association des Techniciens en Action pour le Développement Communautaire) received funding for the installation of a huller to develop the culture of rice. 93 rural families among the most vulnerable ones will be direct beneficiaries. The installation of a huller will increase the production and thus the revenues. An elected management committee will supervise all the common activities.

Project: building of an orphanage
Funding Awarded: 5,300 €
OED (Oeuvres pour l’Enfance Défavorisée) received funds for building an orphanage in a slum. This orphanage will be a chance for children living in the street. It will be linked to a neighbouring primary school which will give them access to education This school is run by a promoter who is well-known for running ECA projects with success. As a second step, the orphanage will be equipped and powered by solar panels.


Project: Construction of a borehole
Funding Awarded: 4,950 €
The NGO VAO (Vulnerable Aid Organization) received funding for the construction of a borehole to serve the primary school and the village. This borehole will be operated by a hand pump. There will be approximately 850 inhabitants benefiting from the project, of which 279 attend the primary school. Monitoring and management will also involve a committee from the community. Each household will contribute to the maintenance.


NGO: Megabridge
Project: Goat rearing
Funding Awarded: 6,870 €
The Megabridge Foundation received funds for a project of goat purchase and sustainable breeding. 100 goats will be purchased and distributed to 100 women who are single mothers, without income. Goats will be kept individually to ensure personalized ownership but will be administered in a cooperative manner to create a strong social support for the women. The expected outcomes: reproduction and sales, increased nutrition from meat and milk, improved soil from manure fertilization, sense of empowerment from having an ownership.


Project: Solar streetlamps
Funding Awarded: 4,700€
The French NGO TANAA was given funds for the installation of three solar streetlamps in a village of more than one hundred families. Those lamps will allow to work in vegetables gardens during the evening and night avoiding working during very hot days. A management committee, together with the women of the village, will collect fees for the maintenance of the equipment. The French NGO will also install a solar pump which will fill a water tank.
Solar Solidarity International asbl has contributed to fund this this project


NGO: Malem-Auder
Project: Cattle fattening
Funding Awarded: 5,680€
The association Malem-Auder with a Senegalese received funds for the fattening of bull calves and the production of cow milk. Those activities will increase progressively the low revenues of 50 beneficiaries (mainly women) who constitute a group. The contribution will focus on the infrastructure’s construction.


Project: Coffee and banana growing
Funding Awarded: 4,000 €
YWISD (Youth and Women Initiative for Sustainable Development) received funding for a project to train 40 disadvantaged women (single mothers) to grow bananas and coffee. Additionally, the project includes a demonstration garden with nursery beds for the coffee and banana plants for permanent usage beyond the duration of the project. The banana production will improve the provision of food in the area whereas the coffee will be exported bringing income to the region. 200 people are expected to benefit later in the project.

Project: Soya beans production
Funding Awarded: 2,600€
The NGO SRCDO (Snow Rural Development Organisation) received funds for the development of training in the production of soya beans with a view to raising the production and thus doubling the revenues. It will target 100 farmers (70 women and 30 men). After training they will plant soya. Follow up visits by the NGO and consultations are foreseen. It is envisaged to extend it to other farmers.

Project: Community boreholes
Funding Awarded: 6,920 €
KaGPWD (Karambi Group of People with Disabilities) received funds to drill two boreholes in two villages for drinking water and irrigation. Currently it takes 3 km to walk to the drinking water source and irrigation is due in the dry season. The boreholes will benefit over 4.000 beneficiaries which rely on agriculture as a main source of income. It will also allow to double the crop production. The long-term sustainability will be monitored by a Committee of Water Users which will collect fees in each village.

NGO: Hope Children school
Project: Solar panels for a school
Funding Awarded: 3,180 €
Hope Children School received funds to install solar panels to light two classroom blocks and two dormitories to allow students to study when it is dark without kerosene lanterns and candles. The solar panels will also run Pcs and laptops. The lighting would increase security around the school.

Project: Water tanks for a school
Funding Awarded: 2,920€
The NGO YWISD was given funds for two water tanks and 5 purifiers in a primary school. Currently the pupils spend 2 hours a day to fetch water which is contaminated. Because of this they are often sick. Awareness will be raised among the pupils and the school staff about how water filters should be handled so that they last 3 years. The project will benefit 1500 students.


Project: Intercropping of sorghum and cowpea
Funding Awarded: 6,640 €
NODIP (Ntuntu Orphans and Disabled People) received funding for the intercropping of sorghum and cowpea. This project aims to support 53 households to enhance food security and to generate income from sales of the surplus production. Sorghum is used for food, feed and beer and cowpea is an important protein source (food and feed). Both sorghum and cowpea are well adapted to the semi-arid growing conditions in Tanzania.


Project: Classroom and latrines
Funding Awarded: 1,700 €
AsoVi (Association Solidarité pour la Vie) received funds for the construction of a second classroom with equipment to improve children’s learning as well as two separate latrines for girls and boys. Latrines and wash hands points will improve the hygiene and protect from water-based viruses. Committee suggested installing latrines first followed by wash points. The classroom will be funded after.



Project: Manufacturing plates from Areca leaf
Funding Awarded: 6,200 €
The Indian NGO MAEGA (Mass Empowerment for Growth Alternatives) Trust was granted funding to build manufacturing facilities to produce plates from leaves of Areca palm trees. It will benefit 20 women from the stone quarry communities. Those plates are biodegradable. The waste from the sheaves can be used for animal feed, biofuel bricks and compost.

Project: Micro credits for rearing animals
Funding Awarded: 4,200 €
The NGO WFW (Women for women) received funds for a microcredit scheme to enable 30 poor women, occasional labourers, to pay the costs of the professional education of their daughters. The microcredit will finance the rearing of goats, quails, and chickens. Beneficiaries will receive training and guidance. The scheme will be monitored by a Committee involving one representative from the self-help groups of women.

Project: Micro-credits for hand making of baskets
Funding Awarded: 6,000 €
The NGO CKB (Chaithanya Kala Bharathi) received funding to launch of micro-credits for the fabrication of handmade baskets by 50 very poor women coming from tribes. They will be trained and coached for the launching in the framework of Self-Help Groups. The demand for those products is high and comes from various sources. The reimbursement of loans will be used to be extend the project and involve new beneficiaries.

Project: Latrines and bathrooms
Funding Awarded: 3,960 €
The NGO CARD (Community Action for Rural Development) received funding for 6 latrines and 6 bathrooms in a technical college where the 120 boys are mostly from poor family background or Dalit families. The NGO has experience in constructing sanitary blocks.

Project: Construction of bore wells
Funding Awarded: 4,179 €
The Indian NGO SWEET (Society for Women Education and Economic Thrust) received funding the construction of 4 bore wells with hand pumps for tribal community. This is the only way to give them access to safe water since they are not allowed to fetch water from public drinking sources because of the caste system.

Project: Rice grinders
Funding Awarded: 1,340 €
WCDT (Weaker Community Development Trust) received funds for purchase of rice grinders to 20 vulnerable widows to enhance their socio, economic capacities. Through the wet-rice grinders they can mix the rice with other millet like corn, ragi, black gram and greens. They will be guided by a monitoring committee until they become financially self-reliant. This would allow them to feed, clothe and educate their families.



Project: Vegetable gardens and rearing of small animals
Funding Awarded: 5,130 €
The NGO COAGRO, Equador, received funding to develop organic vegetable gardens and the rearing of small animals (guinea pigs and chickens). Those activities will benefit 80 families of vulnerable persons and help them to survive through the pandemic (the flower enterprises, where the majority of people worked were closed down). The sale of the products will be facilitated by agro-ecological fairs, which are organized by the NGO in the region.