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Latin America

Year 2023 - 2021 (no projects)

Year 2020



Project: Vegetable gardens and rearing of small animals

Funding Awarded: 5,130 €

The NGO COAGRO, Equador, received funding to develop organic vegetable gardens and the rearing of small animals (guinea pigs and chickens). Those activities will benefit 80 families of vulnerable persons and help them to survive through the pandemic (the flower enterprises, where the majority of people worked were closed down). The sale of the products will be facilitated by agro-ecological fairs, which are organized by the NGO in the region.

Year 2019 (no projects)

Year 2018



Project: Native pastures for dairy cows

Funding awarded: 5,500 €

The Ecuadorian Foundation COAGRO (Cooperacion per la Agricultura Organica) was seeking funds in order to plant native herbs in pastures for dairy cows and to plant trees for reducing carbon production and drawing water. The beneficiaries will be two associations of women (40 persons). It is aimed at increasing the quantity and the quality of milk and thus to increase by more than 30 % the revenues of the beneficiaries.