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Donating to eu can aid! is crucial to help us making a difference:
With your help, we can significantly improve the quality of life of the poorest. We can help them in reaching self-sufficiency and setting up income generating activities, in fighting diseases and much more.

Many eu can aid! members, when they retire, ask their colleagues to make a donation in their name to the Association.

When you are celebrating a birth, a marriage or a birthday, why not ask your family and friends to send to eu can aid! a sum equivalent to what they would have spent on flowers or a gift?
Why not giving a deeper purpose to the different stages of your life?


Did you know that:

  • € 100 is enough to lift a family out of poverty; it can help someone starting a small business and thereby providing an income generation.
  • € 100 is the cost, per child, to build a school.
  • € 10 is the cost for giving 10 people access to drinking water, by digging a well.

eu can aid! reserves the right to refuse any donation which may compromise its independence or credibility.


ING – 310-0240244-61
IBAN : BE62310024024461

Proof of a payment for tax purposes will be sent on request for sums over € 40.