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Our Organisation

We support small NGOs or local communities who do not have access to funding from major donors. Without our help, they could not carry out micro-development projects, which, despite their size, produce immediate results and have lasting effects.

We believe that breaking the cycle of poverty and creating long term sustainable changes involve a holistic and integrated vision on a long-term scale!

Run entirely on voluntary basis, with funds raised through membership fees and other donations, eu can aid promotes the solidarity of EU staff with less privileged people in developing countries.

eu can aid has provided over €7 million and supported more than 1,280 projects.

In more than 55 years
Provided over €7,100 million
Supported more than projects

Our History

eu can aid (formerly Europe-Third World) is based on the understanding of the imbalance between North and South and of the injustice that this imbalance creates for those affected. These same guiding principles remain as valid today and underpin its daily work.

The origins of the association lie in the creation, in 1961, of the “Staff Committee for the Campaign Against Hunger” by staff representative organisations of the European institutions. The task of this Committee was to collect funds to help vulnerable people. The Committee’s mandate ran until the end of 1967. However, those involved wanted to continue what had been started and set up a permanent organisation.

It was decided, therefore, to found a new, independent body under Belgian law and dedicated to development aid. The name “Europe-Third World” was chosen at the founding meeting on 9 November 1967 and it was changed into eu can aid on 21 March 2013.

Our Members

We are very grateful to have each and every member within our organisation, who help it grow. The member and volunteer list is currently changing. However, below you see the current list of our administrative body.

Alexandre d’Angelo

Annalisa Garetto Mancardi (vice-president, secretary)

Anne de Ligne

Baudouin Sury

Chiara Mantegazzini

Denise Dalle

Dominique Levieil

Edgar Thielmann

Ian Clark

Jean Hagenaers (treasurer)

Jean-Marie Visée

Jean-Pierre Vercruysse

Laura Muris

Malcolm Fairclough

Maria Siaulyte

Pascal Declaye (president)

Patricija Saltupe

Rafael Aguirre

Rob Peters

Sara Giovannini

Théodora Spruit

Our Site

Below you can see our latest activities!

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