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About the program

The program started in autumn 2022 and it is a second integrated program we have taken up together with our partner Tanzania Development Trust (TDT, with whom we have successfully collaborated for 7 years on a wide range of projects in Marumba village. 

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Why do we need to support a project in this area?

Mdughuyu just like Marumba is situated in a very remote area and difficult to reach. Even basic needs like water, electricity or road connections are missing. The next closest town to Singida is situated around 93 km away to the east but one hours to drive to Mdughuyu because of the dirt road which ends several km before arriving at the village. Singida is a city in central Tanzania, and it is very common to find many remote villages around that area.

What is planned for the program years?

The drilling of a borehole was identified as the first necessity. The borehole was completed in autumn of 2023. In addition, a solar pump as well as a water tank of 10000l were installed. Villagers already enjoy the water and have prepared the connection of the water to the school and the future dispensary.

Two new classrooms for the primary school on top of the existing ones is needed in view of the shortage of available classrooms compared to the number of students. In agreement with TDT it was
decided to limit for the time being the support to the building of the two new classrooms and to ask the local authorities to take care of the furniture representing their contribution to the project. 

The local government has accepted this proposal. The upgrading of the existing four classrooms is needed as well but could be envisaged at a later stage.

The need for a dispensary for a population of around 4000 persons is obvious. The project is being developed. The construction of toilets for school children and teachers should take place soon.