In the light of its limited human and financial resources, eu can aid! has laid down intervention criteria which you must absolutely consult before submitting any application for financial help.

To assist people who would like to submit projects, eu can aid! has prepared a memorandum setting out the information needed for such applications to be considered. In particular, it is necessary to submit, alongside any request for assistance, verifiable references, ideally provided by several trustworthy bodies.

To be supported by eu can aid!, projects must aim to improve the quality of life of local communities or generate income for the beneficiaries. They may and generally do relate essentially to:

  • production and transformation in the agro-food sector;
  • the production and marketing of local or regional goods;
  • the improvement of the means for providing services, be they material, financial or technical;
  • the creation or improvement of small-scale infrastructures of collective interest such as sanitary facilities or primary education, on condition that the promoter of the project has to hand the necessary staff and can demonstrate that the project meets a demand clearly expressed by local people.

An application can be considered only if supported by three recent international references coming from OECD member Countries and preferably having visited the requestor

The last annual and financial reports are required as well

One or more pictures of the site only in JPEG format should support the application

Application for financing should be sent by e-mail only to

If a project is accepted and receives financing, the beneficiary is requested to acknowledge receipt of the transfer of funds and commit to implement the project as agreed. The beneficiary shall inform eu can aid about progress made in a first report to be presented by the end of the sixth month after receipt of the financial contribution and thereafter by six-monthly reports and by a final report (upon completion of the project).