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Year 2015




Project: Fish farming

Funding awarded: € 4,800

GBEWA is seeking funds to help a group of women of the rural municipality of Ketou to diversify their economic activities. The activity that seems to be more appropriate for the area – given also the weather – is the fish farming in stocked fishpond. The direct beneficiaries are 20 women, but the entire population of the area should benefit in terms of food security and variety.
The women will remain the sole owner of the fishpond. After the project is completed, the beneficiaries are expected to be able to manage and grow the project through the training and experience they will have received and will see their income generation improved. GBEWA will continue to monitor the project and provide technical advice.

Burkina Faso


Project: Construction of a hangar

Funding awarded: € 1,200

eu can aid has already financed IKA KELE in 2012: it was a matter of implementing a unit for processing and marketing corn flour.
Today’s request aims at improving this process by constructing a hangar and two sales points.



Project: Construction of latrines

Funding awarded: € 3,000

The project consists in building 10 ecological latrines in the village of Gatumba (population of 4620 inhabitants). There is one latrine foreseen for each district (there are 9 districts all in all), the 10th latrine is supposed to belong to one of the primary schools which does not dispose of a latrine so far. SOS Femmes asks eu can aid to contribute with 5500€ to the construction of the latrines.
SOS FED will contribute to a little part of the project with its own funds.
Five latrines are financed by eu can aid.

Democratic Republic of Congo


Project: Goats farming

Funding awarded: € 5,000

Since 2004, refugees started returning to the Democratic Republic of Congo from the refugees´ camps. They start new life in the state of deep poverty. Women, often widows, ill or abandoned, have difficulties to adapt to this situation. The project helps the target group to obtain fields, where food and some revenues can be provided in shared modus. The targeted persons should get also field for themselves. They will be provided with hoes and machetes, seeds and some clothes, as well as consultations. Rearing of goats will be set to get sufficient volume of manure to fertilize the crops. Beneficiaries will obtain goats under microcredit in kind form.
The total cost is of 8, 000.00€, out of which the applicant will contribute with 2, 400.00€.
It is committee’s opinion that 5, 000.00 € will suffice on eu can aid’s side to realise the project.

Democratic Republic of Congo

NGO: Église du Christ

Project: Microcredit

Funding awarded: € 3,890

The project concerns 60 poor women who will benefit from microcredits to develop their own business. The applicant will organise, with its own funds, training in business management, marketing, saving strategy, conflict management and rights respect.  Credits will be reimbursed in one-year time. Beneficiaries will set peer-groups to assure a proper microcredit reimbursement organisation and a saving account in case of possible loss or default.
The applicant will also set a fund to assure the project’s continuity.

Democratic Republic of Congo


Project: Development of water sources

Funding awarded: € 7,500

The projects aims at improving water access for 60,000 habitants of Tshumbe by developing eight natural water sources and consequently avoid water borne diseases.
It is Committee’s opinion that to start, only four sources will be financed and the remaining four will be financed once the applicant will provide a first evaluation report, including pictures.
Amount of financial aid requested from the eu can aid: 7,500 €.
A first instalment of 3,750.00 € can be awarded without delay (first four sources); the second instalment of the same amount will be paid once the applicant will have provided his first report.


NGO: Groupe Nature

Project: Water access

Funding awarded: € 5,000

The applicant is seeking funds to build a new latrines bloc for Dougabougou School to solve diseases and hygiene problems related to a serious lack of latrines in the building, where more the half of students have no choice and defecate outdoors
A new block of 4 toilets will be built in help to 280 pupils.



Project: Construction of a

training centre
Funding awarded: € 4,000

The applicant, a Belgium-based NGO, is seeking funds to help the local organisation BENKAN to build its own training centre.
The centre is today located in a private rented house and the training is very promising and well monitored.
The total budget amounts to 36,170.00€ and several donors will finance it in partnership with eu can aid: GROS Tervuren, Rotselaar, Oud- Heverlee, WMH and Teriya itself.
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Project: construction of a school

Funding awarded: € 4,670

The request concerns the construction of four new classes to enlarge the school in Keur Myhaye Gueye village.
In the Country, children’s school attendance is compulsory up to 16 years old; the project corresponds therefore to a real need for the local population.
The global cost is of 11,000.00€ and out of the local and Bénoo contribution, the participation of other donors, eu can aid is asked for 4,670.00 €.



Project: Medical equipment

Funding awarded: € 4,000

The project concerns the Health Centre located in the rural village of Bukibila.
Due to limited household income, many families budget little for health care. Considering the distance and high consultation costs charged by government health facilities in neighbouring towns, most inhabitants resort to acquiring their medical care from traditional herbalists, take their sick ones to traditional healers, or keep them at home until they either get well or more likely become critically ill when they are taken to local clinics. At this point, their condition is likely terminal.
The primary objective of this project is to improve diseases’ diagnostic equipment and treatment services for the Donna Carnevale Community Health Centre and to assist the current three permanent staff members to acquire basic skills in operating the new equipment.
The applicant is contributing with its own funds to part of the needed amount.



Project : Pigs rearing

Funding awarded: € 4,000

To address the malnutrition of 70% of the children at the school, the proposed project seeks to provide relief by offering additional meals to pupils. To that end, FIPHAI intends to set up a school farm for pigs and ducks. The meat and eggs provided by the animals will firstly serve as a direct nutritional supplement for the children and secondly, as an income generating resource which allows the school to sell the surpluses and in turn buy more nutritious food items such as fruit, milk and vegetables which will then be served to the children once a week.
The project will be realised in two phases: a) Fencing of the land and construction of the facility for ducks and pigs; b) Procurement of ducks, pigs and related items.
The applicant will contribute with its own funds to a part of point “b” and will also provide animals nutrition.



Project: School furniture

Funding awarded: € 1,500

The applicant is seeking funds to buy supplementary school furniture for 6 schools in Couffo department in Benin.
According to a government decision, primary and secondary school are free of charge in the Country; consequently new classes demand has increased as well as the need of supplementary furniture.

Burkina Faso


Project:  Purchasing a mill

Funding awarded: € 4,500

The applicant is seeking funds to create a grain mill to help 68 women in Wemtenga Village in their daily activities.  The time they have to dedicate to pound and mill will be sensibly reduced and ease the food preparation. The saved time will enable them to engage in other income generation activities.

Democratic Republic of Congo


Project: Equipment for a shoes making workshop

Funding awarded: € 5,000

Source de Vie Centre is located in Kisantu Dioceses, 120 km off Kinshasa. In the Centre, young single mothers are trained in tailoring and baking; training courses attendance’s request is increasing and the creation of supplementary rooms is needed. The applicant will construct two new buildings with shower rooms and toilets; electricity, water access and a room for the Centre’s responsible will be provided.
The request addressed to eu can aid concerns the equipment of a shoes repairing workshop.

Democratic Republic of Congo


Project: Finishing a school construction

Funding awarded: € 4,800

The applicant is seeking funds to build a new classroom to ease education access to about 120 children. The construction is on progress but still 5,000.00€ are needed to finish it: concreting the floor, plastering and coating the external walls’ side and installing a door. Local population is contributing to tools transporting fees.

Democratic Republic of Congo


Project: Solar panel for one hospital

Funding awarded: € 5,000

The request concerns the installation of 12 solar panels and 50 electric lamps to provide electricity .
A credit union that will sell rechargeable lamps on interest free credit will be set up; it will offer lamp and telephone charging services (during the day, when the electricity generated is not needed for lighting) for further investment, maintenance costs, and the salaries of two solar panels technicians.

This project has been financed thanks to the generous contribution of Solar Solidarity International asbl


NGO: Kattendans

Project: Purchase of a pump and of a water tank

Funding awarded: € 5,700

It is a matter of providing water to a vegetable in Nalou School by connecting a pipeline to an already existing drilling. A water tank will be built too. 300 pupils and teachers will benefit from the improved vegetables production as well as the local population.



Project: Composting

Funding awarded: € 6,000

LACIM has been financed by eu can aid in 2011 for a project aiming at an improved crop production.
Today it is a matter of providing funds to purchase additional tools to assure the project continuity and major impact. The request concerns hitches, basic equipment for 36 farmers and seeds for a total cost of 6,000.00 €, aside the applicant contribution.
Works will start in November 2015 and, according to applicant’s statement, funds can be awarded in two phases.
A first instalment of 3,000.00 € can be awarded without delay; a second instalment of 3,000.00 € will be paid in March 2016.



Project: Heifers’ purchasing

Funding awarded: € 5,000

The applicant is seeking funds to develop heifers farming in support to a group of 20 women in Makalondi commune.
The project includes training in foddering, compost making, milk production, construction and maintenance of manure pits, tillage tools utilization and animals keeping.
Thanks to this project, beneficiaries will see their cereals production doubled.



Project: Construction of two water tanks

Funding awarded: € 4,000

WPS is proposing to construct rainwater cisterns in two schools in Pallisa region in Uganda. The two schools have 4200 pupils up to 12 years. According to the applicant, the current water supply situation in these villages is very poor causing many problems on health, absenteeism at school, dangers related to long water hauling trips notably for girls.
The beneficiaries of the project are all pupils and personnel of these schools. The project proposal is to construct two 25 000 l rainwater cisterns, one construction per school. According to WPS, the annual raining season is up to nine months, the same period as the school year. The capacity of these water tanks should be enough to supply the schools with sufficient water service.



Project : Mushrooms farming

Funding awarded: € 3,000

The project’s objective is to improve the income and diet of 100 men, disadvantaged women, disabled person and girls in two villages – Kolonyi and Namabasa, Uganda through a mushroom farming as an effective alternative of income generating activity, due to the lack of water in the area. Climate and market request justify this kind of cultivation.



Project : Solar power

Funding awarded: € 3,900

MAPOTO is asking support for replacing the existing solar system at Ethandweni Children’s Home. All the hot water used at the home is generated by solar power, installed 17 years ago. Today the efficiency of the system has degenerated. The installation will be carried out by the Home itself and provided by a local importer. The project was submitted to January 2014 Committee, whose decision was:
The applicant says that as an institution, they have to supply hot water and fully plumbed water for all the residents. This is law and building regulation.
The request concerns six solar units at the global cost of 3,900.00€.

This project has been financed thanks to the generous contribution of Solar Solidarity International asbl



NGO: St. Mary’s Home

Project:  Latrines’ renovation

Funding awarded: € 4,000

St. Mary’s home for children was established in 1950.  There are at present 324 girls in the home in the age group of 12 to 18 years. According to a recent statistical survey, about 85% of the people in the region are poor, dominated and exploited.
The centre’s toilet block is very old.  The applicant is seeking funds to renovate the new toilet block and lavatory facilities for the orphan girls.

This project has been funded thanks to the donation of the Association Femmes d’Europe



Project: Metal Roofs

Funding awarded: € 5,000

In partnership with CPCS, 800 metal roofs were distributed in help of 10 Nepali families having lost their home. The roofs are today installed on temporary shelters and will serve as permanent roof once the emergency phase is over and new stable houses will be built.



Project: Tailoring training

Funding awarded: € 5,000

The project concerns a group of 14 villages located near the city of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. It has around 46.000 inhabitants living in 10.800 houses. The target community is composed of people who are physically challenged and belong to a very low caste: “Scheduled Tribes and Backward class”, also known as “Dalits”. This is a particularly excluded community. The objective of the project for which funding is requested is to set up a training course in tailoring techniques which can be delivered to around 50 physically challenged persons, providing them with the skills needed to gain employment and earn their livelihood independently.



Project: Reconstruction of classes

Funding awarded: € 5,500

After Nepal earthquake, the Shree Sitaram School partially closed and primary classes were so damaged that they cannot welcome the pupils. 105 pupils don’t have any school.
The NGO is therefore seeking funds to rebuild the school. Works will be realized by local workers as soon as funds will be awarded.
The total cost is of 5,469.00 and is entirely requested from eu can aid.



Project: Goats rearing

Funding awarded: € 4,700

Villagers of Rasool Pura and Dogranwala, Punjab, Pakistan are essentially brick makers; their income is below the poverty line in the Country. During the monsoon season bricks production is closed and the need of additional income has to be taken into account.
A goats rearing will be implement and 25 women will receive – in form of microcredit in kind – 3 goats each (2 female and one male) and other 25 women will receive one year later the same number of kid-goats.

Latin America



Project: Purchase of a mill

Funding awarded: € 5,000

The project consists in installing a motorized mill to transform corn and another local variety of cereals which are locally produced.
Ground cereals is the most popular and basic Haitian feed; the new mill will help the local population to improve their production and increase their income.


NGO: Jeune Corail

Project : Providing a school fishing boat

Funding awarded: € 5,000

Jeune Corail operates in the Northeast of Haiti where many fishermen – very often orphan – do not receive any training. JC has implemented a maritime schooling to train them in fishing, shipping and products conditioning. eu can aid had already financed a wood school-boat to improve the courses and give fishermen the opportunity to put into practice the theory learned. It is a matter today of financing a second boat.